Online Test For Class 12 Maths

Online Test For Class 12 Maths

This page contains a free online test for class 12 maths (opens in a new tab). Here on this page, you’ll find links to CBSE class 12 Maths chapter-wise MCQ tests. By taking these tests, students can get an instant evaluation of their preparation. These tests help students to prepare, practice, and evaluate their readiness for exams.

Maths online Mock Test for class 12

Chapter 1. Relations and Functions

Chapter 2. Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Chapter 3. Matrices

Chapter 4. Determinants

Chapter 5. Continuity and Differentiability

Chapter 6. Application of Derivatives

Chapter 7. Integrals

Chapter 8. Application of Integrals

Chapter 9. Differential Equations

Chapter 10. Vector Algebra

Chapter 11. Three Dimensional Geometry
Chapter 12. Linear Programming
Chapter 13. Probability

Frequently asked questions on Online test/Quiz for Class 12 Maths

How many chapters are present in Class 12 Math
There are 13 chapters in Class 12 Math
How to start the Test?
Choose the Chapter and click on it. It will open a new page. Click the start test button on that page
How do I complete the MCQ?
For each question, there will be an option list of potential answers and you will click on the one that you think is correct.
Can I use a calculator during the exam?
Candidates are not permitted to use the calculator during the test.
Will I be able to go back and edit the answers?
You will be free to navigate back and forth through the exam.
How will I be able to contact someone if I don’t understand a question or notice an error in the question paper?
You put the comments in the test paper or you can send us a mail also
What if I finish my test early?
If you finish your test early, you can submit your answers. Once you have submitted you will not be able to go back
When will I get the result of my test?
You will get your result & performance analysis instantly once you submit your online test.
Will you be providing Solutions to the Questions?
We have provided the Answers and Solutions/ Hints to most of the questions. We keep updating them
Is there any negative marking?
We will inform in General instructions if there is negative marking. If it is not written, there is no negative marking
what is the Syllabus for Online Test Series?
The syllabus is as per CBSE standards only.
Where I can find Notes, Worksheets and NCERT Solutions on Class 12?
Check the below link
Class 12 Maths Notes
Class 12 Physics Notes