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Class 10 Physics

Reflection of light

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Reflection of Light
  3. Real and Virtual images
  4. Spherical Mirrors
  5. Principle focus and focal length of a spherical mirror
  6. Image Formation by Spherical mirrors
  7. Rules for obtaining images formed by spherical mirrors
  8. Image formation by concave mirror
  9. Image formation by convex mirrors
  10. Sign convention for reflection by spherical mirrors
  11. Mirror formula and magnification
  12. Assignments

Refraction Of light

  1. Introduction
  2. Refraction through a rectangular glass slab
  3. Laws of refraction of light
  4. The Refractive Index
  5. Refraction by Spherical Lenses
  6. Image Formation by Lenses
  7. Image Formation in Lenses Using Ray Diagrams
  8. Sign Convention for Spherical Lenses
  9. Lens Formula and Magnification
  10. Formative Assignment
  11. Practice Questions

Refraction and Reflection Worksheet

  1. Refraction and Reflection Short questions
  2. Refraction and Reflection 3 Mark questions
  3. Refraction and Reflection 5 Mark questions

Human Eye and Colorful World

  1. Assignments


  1. Electric Charges
  2. Conductors and insulators
  3. Electric potential and potential difference
  4. Electric current and electrical circuits
  5. Circuit Diagrams
  6. Ohm's Law
  7. Factors affecting of resistances of a conductor
  8. Resistance of a system of resistors
  9. Heating Effect of current
  10. Applications of heating effect of current
  11. Electric Power
  12. Assignments

Magnetic effects of current

  1. Notes
    detailed chapter notes
  2. Assignments

Source Of energy

  1. Notes
    Detailed chapter notes
  2. Assignments

Class 10 Biology

Life Processes

  1. Notes
  2. Assignments


  1. Heredity
  2. Assignments

Reproduction||How do Organisms Reproduce

  1. Reproduction
  2. Types of Reproduction
  3. Methods of Asexual Reproduction
  4. Fission
  5. Budding
  6. Spore Formation
  7. Regeneration
  8. Fragmentation
  9. Vegetative reproduction
  10. Vegetative reproduction

Sexual Reproduction|How do Organisms Reproduce

  1. Sexual Reproduction
  2. Assignments

Control and Coordination

    Detailed chapter notes
  1. Assignments

Class 10 Chemistry

Chapter 1 : Chemical Reactions and Equations

Acid Base and Salts

  1. Assignments

Metals and Non Metals

    Detailed chapter notes
  1. Assignments

Carbon Compounds

  1. Assignments

Periodic Classification of elements

  1. Assignments

Management of Natural Resources

  1. Assignments

Our Environment

  1. Assignments

2017-2018 Board Exam science Sample Paper

  1. CBSE science sample papers for class 10
  2. Marking Scheme

Term 2 test papers (science)

  1. CBSE science sample papers for class 10 sa2
  2. CBSE science Term 2 SA Test Paper 1
  3. CBSE science SA Term 2 Test Paper 2

Term 2 Previous Year papers (science)

  1. CBSE science paper-1
  2. CBSE science paper-2
  3. CBSE science paper-3

Term 1 test papers (science)

  1. CBSE science SA Term 1 Test Paper 1
  2. CBSE science SA Term 1 Test Paper 2
  3. CBSE science SA Term 1 Test Paper 3
  4. CBSE science SA Term 1 Test Paper 4
  5. CBSE science SA Term 1 Test Paper 5
  6. CBSE science SA Term 1 Test Paper 6
  7. testpaper-1
  8. testpaper-2
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