Metals and Non Metals Class 10 Multiple Choice questions

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Multiple Choice questions

Set A of 20 Questions

Question 1
Which of the following metals cannot be extracted using smelting?
(a) Fe
(b) Al
(d) Pb
Question 2
In general, the number of electrons in the outermost shell of a metal atom is
(a) 1
(b) 1 to 3
(c) 5 to 8
(d) 8
Question 3
Aluminum is used for making cooking utensils. Which of the following properties of aluminum are responsible for the same?
(i)Good thermal conductivity
(ii)Good electrical conductivity
(iii) Ductility
(iv) High melting point
(a) (i) and (ii)
(b) (i) and (iii)
(c) (ii) and (iii)
(d) (i) and (iv)
Question 4
Two Statement are made
Statement A: Zinc is used in the galvanization of iron
Statement B: Its coating on Iron articles increasing the life of it by protecting it from rusting
(a)Statement A is correct only
(b) Statement A is correct only
(c) Both Statement A and B are correct
(d) Both Statement A and B are incorrect
Question 5
Hematite is an ore of
(a) iron
(b) aluminum
(c) copper
(d) tin
Question 6
Metals are refined by using different methods. Which of the following metals are refined by electrolytic refining?
(a) Au
(b) Cu
(c) Na
(d) K
Question 7
Copper sulphate solution can be easily kept in a container made of
(b) Zinc
(c) Silver
(d) Aluminum
Question 8
Blue gold is an alloy of
(a)Gold and aluminum
(b) Gold and indium
(c) Gold and silver
(d) Gold and copper
Question 9
Which of the following is incorrect?
(a)Zinc Oxide is called as amphoteric oxide
(b) Silicon counts among metalloids
(c) Sodium is kept open in air
(d) Metals conduct electricity
Question 10
Which metal can be displaced by copper from its salt solution?
(b) Zinc
(c) Iron
(d) Silver
Question 11
Which of the following oxide cannot be reduced with carbon to obtain the metal?
(b) Cr2O3
(c) Al2O3
(d)All the above
Question 12
Which is correct order as per the reactivity of the metals
(a) Zn > Fe > Cu > Ag
(b) Fe > Zn > Cu > Ag
(c) Cu > Zn > Fe > Ag
(d) Zn > Cu > Fe > Ag
Question 13
Although metals form basic oxides, which of the following metals form an amphoteric oxide?
(a) Al
(b) Ca
(c) Na
(d) Cu
Question 14
Which of the following non-metal is good conductor of electricity?
(a) Graphite
(b) Phosphorus
(c) Hydrogen
(d) Bromine
Question 15
Which among the following alloys contain mercury as one of its constituents?    
(a) Stainless steel
(b) Alnico
(c) Solder
(d) Zinc amalgam
Question 16
Two statement are made
Statement A: The lustre of a metal is due to presence of free electrons
Statement B: Metals conducts heat
(a) Statement A is correct only
(b) Statement B is correct only
(c) Statement A and B both are correct
(d) Statement A and B both are incorrect
Question 17
Which of the following oxide(s) of iron would be obtained on prolonged reaction of iron with steam?
(a) FeO
(b) Fe2O3
(c) Fe3O4
(d) Fe2O3 and Fe3O
Question 18
Which of the following is true?
(a) Color of basic copper carbonate is green
(b) Malachite is an ore of Copper
(c) Aluminum is more reactive than Copper
(d) All the above
Question 19
The ability of metals to be drawn into thin wire is known as
(a) Ductility
(b) Malleability
(c) Sonority
(d) Conductivity
Question 20
What happens when calcium is treated with water?
(i) It does not react with water
(ii) It reacts violently with water
(iii) It reacts less violently with water
(iv) Bubbles of hydrogen gas formed stick to the surface of calcium
(a) (i) and (iv)
(b) (ii) and (iii)
(c) (i) and (ii)
(d) (iii) and (iv)


(1) (b)
(2) (b)
(3) (d)
(4) (c)
(5) (a)
(6) (c) and (d)
(7) (c)
(8) (b)
(9) (c)
(10) (b)
(11) (d)
(12) (a)
(13) (a)
(14) (a)
(15) (d)
(16) (c)
(17) (c)
(18) (d)
(19) (a)
(20) (d)

Set B of 30 Questions

Question 1
The percentage of lead pencil is:

Question 2
Which of the following metals occur in their pure state?

Question 3
Silicon is used in
(a)Solar energy devices
(d)All of these

Question 4
Which of the following is a noble metal?

Question 5
When a metal is added to dilute HCI solution, there is no evolution of gas. Metal is

Question 6
Removal of impurities from ore is known as
(a)Crushing and grinding
(b)Concentration of ore

Question 7
Concentrated sulphuric acid acts as:
(a)Oxidizing agent
(b)Dehydrating agent
(d)None of these

Question 8
Forth floatation method is used for the concentration of
(a)Oxide ores
(b)Sulphide ores
(c)Sulphate ores
(d)Halide ores

Question 9
Nature of SO2 is:

Question 10
Heating of concentrated ore in absence of air for conversion into oxide ore is known as
(d)None of these

Question 11
Which of the following metal will not displace hydrogen from steam, dilute acids and alkalies?

Question 12
Which reducing agent is used in chemical reduction
(d)None of these

Question 13
What is anode mud
(a)Fan of anode
(b)Metal of anode
(c)Impurities collected at anode in electrolysis during purification of metals
(d)All of these

Question 14
When a non- metal reacts with chlorine, it forms
(a)An ionic chloride
(b)A covalent chloride
(c)A tetrachloride
(d)A dichloride

Question 15
Which of the following methods are suitable for preventing an iron frying pan from rusting?
(a)Applying grease
(b)Applying paint
(c)Applying a coating of zinc
(d)All of the above

Question 16
Out of the following, which cannot be obtained by electrolysis of aqueous solution of the salt?

Question 17
Aluminum is used in thermite welding because
(a)Aluminum is a light metal
(b)Aluminum has more affinity for oxygen
(c)Aluminum is a strong oxidizing agent
(d)Aluminum is a reactive metal

Question 18
Which of the following process is used for the concentration of Bauxite (AI2O3. 2H2O)?
(a)Forth floatation
(d)Magnetic separation

Question 19
The best malleable metal is

Question 20
The process of extraction of metal from its ores, is known as

Question 21
Which is used as catalyst in Haber’s process?

Question 22
The process to heat the ore in the presence of excess supply of air below its melting point is called

Question 23
Stainless steel is usually made by alloying iron with:
(a)Fe and Cu
(b)Cu and Cr
(c)Cu ad Ni
(d)Cr and Ni

Question 24
Which of the following metals constitutes the alloys magnalium
(a)Al, Cu
(b)Al, Fe
(c)Al, Mg
(d)Al, Mn

Question 25
One of the constituents of amalgam is

Question 26
German silver is an alloy of:

Question 27
The white phosphorus is stored
(a)In air
(b)Under water
(c)Under kerosene
(d)Under CS2

Question 28
Bronze is an alloy of copper and:

Question 29
The chief ore of aluminum is

Question 30
Formula of magnetite is


(1) a
(2) d
(3) d
(4) c
(5) c
(6) b
(7) c
(8) b
(9) b
(10) b
(11) c
(12) d
(13) c
(14) b
(15) c
(16) b
(17) b
(18) b
(19) c
(20) d
(21) d
(22) a
(23) d
(24) c
(25) d
(26) a
(27) b
(28) a
(29) a
(30) d


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