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Unit and Measurement

This chapter is about Unit and Measurement, Dimensional Analysis, errors
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Units and Measurements NCERT Solutions
  2. Units and Measurements Assignment (Download PDF)
  3. Dimensional analysis worksheet
  4. dimensional analysis practice problems

Motion in a straight line

This chapter is about One dimensional Motion, Uniform and Non Uniform Acceleration motion ,Relative velocity, Motion graphs
  1. Distance and displacement
  2. Position of particle
  3. Average velocity and speed
  4. Instantaneous velocity and speed
  5. Acceleration
  6. Kinematic equations for uniformly accelerated Motion
  7. Free fall acceleration
  8. Relative velocity
  9. Kinematics Sample Problems and Solutions
  10. One dimensional motion problems with solution
  11. Motion graphs worksheet with Answer
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Motion in a straight line NCERT solutions
  2. Motion in one dimension Practice Paper
  3. Acceleration Practice Questions
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Important Questions on Kinematics
  2. Kinematics worksheet

Motion in a plane

This chapter is about Motion in a plane, Projectile Motion ,Relative velocity, Three dimensional motion, Vectors in Physics
  1. Vectors in Physics
  2. Two Dimensional Motion
  3. Motion in a plane with constant acceleration
  4. Relative Velocity in two dimension
  5. Projectile Motion
  6. Uniform circular motion
  7. Motion in three dimensions
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Motion in a plane NCERT solutions
  2. Motion in a plane Sample Problems with Solutions
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Projectile Motion Problems
  2. 2D Kinematics Problems with Solutions
  3. Projectile motion Worksheet

Laws Of motion

This chapter is about Newtons Laws of Motion, Frictional forces, Static & kinetic Friction, Impulse & Linear momentum and Laws of Conservation of Momemtum
Newton's Law of Motion
  1. Newton's Laws of Motion
  2. Newton's First law of Motion
  3. Inertia and Mass
  4. Newton's second law of motion
  5. Newton's third law of motion
  6. Applying Newton's law of motion
  7. Inertial frame of Reference
  8. Fictitious Forces
  9. Laws of Motion examples
  1. Force of Friction
  2. Static Friction
  3. Kinetic Friction
  4. Rolling Friction
  5. Angle of Friction
  6. Force of Friction examples problem with solutions
Impulse and Linear Momentum
  1. Linear Momentum
  2. Impulse and Momentum
  3. Conservation of Linear momentum
  4. Recoil Velocity of the Gun
  5. Motion of the system with varying mass(Rocket)
  6. Linear Momentum Problems with Solutions
CBSE Worksheet
  1. Laws of Motion Class 11 Important Questions
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Laws of Motion Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Laws of Motion Numericals
  3. Friction Multiple Choice Questions
  4. Linear Momemtum Questions

Work Energy and Power

This chapter is about Workdone by a force, Kinetic energy,Potential energy, Conservative forces, Law of Conservation of energy,Power, Elastic & Inelastic Collisions
Work Energy and Power
  1. Work done Formula
  2. Work done by variable force
  3. Kinetic energy
  4. Work Energy theorem
  5. Potential energy
  6. Potential energy of the spring
  7. Conservative Forces
  8. Mechanical Energy and Conservation
  9. Power definition
  10. Law of Conservation of energy
  1. Collisions
  2. Coefficient of restitution
  3. Elastic Collisions
  4. Inelastic Collisions
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Work Energy and Power Solved Examples
  2. Work ,energy And Power Important Questions for Class 11
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Work Energy & Power Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Work Energy & Power Problems
  3. Collisions Problems with solutions

System of Particles and Rotational Motion

This chapter is about Center Of mass,Linear Momentum of System of particles, Center Of Mass Frame of Reference,Rotational Motion,Moment of Inertia, Angular momentum ,Torque ,rolling motion and Conservation of Angular momentum
System of Particles
  1. Center of Mass
  2. Velocity of centre of mass
  3. Acceleration of centre of mass
  4. Kinetic energy of the system of particles
  5. Linear Momentum of System of particles
  6. Center Of Mass Frame of Reference
Rotational Motion
  1. Rotational Motion
  2. Angular velocity
  3. Angular acceleration
  4. Rotation with constant angular acceleration
  5. Kinetic energy of Rotation
  6. Calculation of moment of inertia
  7. Parallel Axis Theorem|Theorems of Moment of Inertia
  8. Perpendicular Axis Theorem
  9. Torque
  10. work and power in rotational motion
  11. Angular acceleration
  12. Relationship between Angular momentum and torque
  13. Conservation of Angular momentum
  14. Radius of gyration
  15. Rolling Motion & Kinetic Energy of rolling bodies
  16. Rotational Motion problems with solutions
CBSE Worksheets
  1. CBSE Rotational motion Questions(PDF download)
  2. CBSE Rotational Worksheet(PDF download)
  3. CBSE Moment of Inertia Problems(PDF download)
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Rotational Motion Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Rotational Motion Problems
  3. Center of Mass Problems with Solutions


This chapter is about Gravitation,Kepler's Law,Acceleration due to gravity of earth
  1. Kepler's Law
  2. Universal law of gravitation
  3. Acceleration due to gravity of earth
  4. Gravitational Potential Energy
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Gravitation Practice Problems(PDF) Class 11
  2. Gravitation Numerical Questions(PDF) Class 11
  3. CBSE Gravitation conceptual Questions(PDF)
  4. Gravitation Class 11 NCERT Solutions
  5. Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
    1. Gravitation Problems for JEE

    Mechanical Properties of Solid(Elasticity)

    This chapter is about Elasticity,stress, strain,Hook's law,lastic Modulus & Stress-Strain Diagram
    1. Introduction
    2. Stress
    3. Strain
    4. Hook's Law
    5. Elastic Modulus
    6. Poison's Ratio
    7. Stress-Strain Diagram
    8. Solved Examples
    CBSE Worksheets
    1. Elasticity Practice Questions(PDF download)
    Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
    1. Elasticity Multiple Choice Questions
    2. Elasticity Problems

    Mechanical Properties of Fluids

  6. Fluid Mechanics
  7. Density
  8. Hydrostatic Pressure
  9. Pascals law and Its applications
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Pressure Test paper
  2. Surface Tension Worksheet
  3. Surface Tension Test paper
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Fluids Problems

Thermal Properties of Matter

This chapter is about Thermal Properties of Matter like Thermal Expansion ,temperature,Specific Heat Capacity.An introduction on Calorimetry & Change of phases & Latent Heat. Then it talks about various mode of Heat transfer like Thermal conduction, Convection & Radiation
Thermal Properties of Matter
  1. Concept of Heat and Temperature
  2. Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
  3. Measurement of temperature
  4. Ideal Gas Equation and Absolute Temperature
  5. Thermal Expansion
  6. Thermal stress
  7. Specific Heat Capacity
  8. Calorimetry
  9. Change of phases & Latent Heat
  10. Solved Examples
Heat Transfer
  1. Heat Transfer
  2. Heat Conduction
  3. Thermal Conductivity
  4. Thermal resistance and conductance
  5. Convection heat transfer
  6. Radiation and Black Body Radiation
  7. Stefan Boltzmann law
  8. Nature of thermal Radiation & Wien Displacement law
  9. Kirchoff's law of Radiation
  10. Newton's Law of Cooling
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Thermal Properties of Matter Problems
  2. Thermal Properties Multiple Choice of Questions
  3. Thermal Expansion and Thermal Stress Questions
  4. Heat Transfer Problems
  5. Heat Transfer Multiple Choice Questions
Revision Notes
  1. Thermal Properties Of matter Revision Notes
  2. Heat Transfer Revision Notes


This chapter is about laws of Thermodynamics,Thermodynamic Processes like Isothermal ,Adiabatic & Isochoric process.It also talks about Heat Engine and efficiency,Principle of a Refrigerator & Carnot's Heat Engine
  1. Introduction
  2. Concept of Heat
  3. P-V Indicator Digram
  4. Work done by Gas in volume changes
  5. Internal Energy
  6. First Law of Thermodynamics
  7. Specific Heat Capacity of Ideal GAS
  8. Thermodynamic Processes
  9. Quasi static Processes
  10. Isothermal Process
  11. Adiabatic Process
  12. Isochoric process
  13. Isobaric process
  14. Cyclic process
  15. Work done in Isothermal process
  16. Work done in an Adiabatic process
  17. Heat Engine and efficiency
  18. Principle of a Refrigerator
  19. Second law of thermodynamics
  20. Reversibility and irreversibility
  21. Carnot's Heat Engine
  22. Carnot Theorem
  23. Solved Examples
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Thermodynamics Questions
  2. Thermodynamics Multiple Choice Questions
  3. P-V diagram Problems and Solutions
  4. Carnot Cycle Problems
Revision Notes
  1. Thermodynamics Revision Notes

Kinetic Theory of Gas

  1. Molecular nature of matter
  2. Behaviour Of Gases
  3. Kinetic Theory of an ideal gas
  4. Pressure of gas
  5. Kinetic interpretation of temperature
  6. Law of Equipartition of energy
  7. Specific Heat Capacity Of Gases
  8. Specific heat Capacity of Solids
  9. Mean free Path
  10. Solved examples
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Kinetic Theory of Gases Problems
  2. Kinetic Theory Multiple Choice Questions
  3. Ideal Gas Laws Problems
Revision Notes
  1. Kinetic Theory of Gases Revision Notes


  1. Periodic Motion
  2. Simple Harmonic Motion
  3. Equation of SHM
  4. Characteristics of SHM
  5. Velocity of SHM
  6. Acceleration of SHM
  7. Total Energy of SHM
  8. Motion of a body suspended from a spring
  9. Simple pendulum
  10. The compound pendulum
  11. Damped Oscillations
  12. Driven or Forced Harmonic oscillator
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. SHM Multiple Choice Questions
  2. SHM Problems

Electric Charges & Field

  1. Electric Charge , Basic properties of electric charge and Frictional Electricity
  2. Electrical and electrostatic force
  3. Coulomb's law and coulombs law in vector form
  4. Principle Of Superposition
  5. Electric Field & Calculation of Electric Field
  6. Electric Field Lines
  7. Electric Flux
  8. Electric Dipole and dipole moment
  9. Gauss's Law and Applications
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Electric Charges and Field Questions and answers
  2. Electrostatics Important Questions for Class 12
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Electrostatics Multiple Choice Questions
  2. Electrostatics Numericals

Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Electrostatic Potential
  1. Electric potential energy
  2. Electric Potential
  3. Relation between electric fields and electric potential
  4. Equipotential surfaces
  5. Potential due to an electric dipole
  6. Potential energy of dipole placed in uniform electric field
  1. Capacitance and Capacitor
  2. Parallel plate capacitor
  3. Cylinderical capacitor
  4. Spherical capacitor
  5. Capacitors in series and parallel combinations
  6. Energy stored in a capacitor
  7. Effect of Dielectric on Capacitance
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Electric Potential MCQ
  2. Electric Potential problems
  3. Capacitance MCQ
  4. Capacitance Problems

Current Electricity

Electric Current and resistance
  1. Electric current
  2. Current density
  3. Drift Velocity & Relation with Current
  4. Ohm's Law and Resistance
  5. Resistivity & Conductivity
  6. Colour code of carbon resistors
  7. Combination of Resistors
EMF and Electric Measurement
  1. Electromotive Force(emf)
  2. Internal Resistance of Battery (or cell)
  3. Electric Energy and Power
  4. Kirchhoff's Rules
  5. Grouping of the cell's
  6. Wheat Stone Bridge
  7. Meterbridge (slide wire bridge)
  8. Potentiometer & its Applications
Heating effect of current
  1. Heating effect of current
  2. Thermoelectricity
  3. Seebeck effect
  4. variation of thermo-emf with temperature
  5. Peltier Effect
  6. Thomson effect
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Electric Current and resistance MCQ
  2. Electric Current and resistance Numericals
  3. EMF and Electric Measurement MCQ
  4. EMF and Electric Measurement Problems

Moving Charges and Magnetism

Magnetic Field
  1. The Magnetic Field
  2. Lorentz Force
  3. Motion of Charged Particle in The Magnetic Field
  4. Cyclotron
  5. Magnetic force on a current carrying wire
  6. Torque on a current carrying rectangular loop in a magnetic field
Magnetic Effects of current
  1. Biot Savart Law
  2. Applications of Biot Savart law
  3. Ampere's circuital law
  4. Magnetic field of a solenoid
  5. Magnetic Field of a toroid
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Magnetism & Magnetic effects of current MCQ
  2. Magnetism & Magnetic effects of current Numericals

Magnetism And Matter

  1. Magnetization & Magnetic Intensity
  2. Classification of Magnetic Material
  3. Diamagnetism
  4. Paramagnetism
  5. Ferromagnetism
  6. Hysteresis

Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic Induction
  1. Faraday's experiment
  2. Magnetic Flux
  3. Faradays law of electromagnetic induction
  4. Direction of Induced EMF: Lenz's Law
  5. Motional EMF
  6. Induced Electric Fields
  1. Inductance
  2. Self Inductance
  3. Energy in an inductor
  4. Growth and decay of current in L-R circuit
  5. The R-C circuit
  6. The L-C circuit
  7. Mutual Inductance
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Electromagnetic Induction Multiple Choice questions

Alternating current

  1. Alternating current and Alternating EMF
  2. Average or mean current
  3. Root Mean square value of AC
  4. Phasor diagram
  5. A.C through pure resistor
  6. A.C through pure inductor
  7. AC through pure capacitor
  8. Circuit containing inductance and resistance in series
  9. Circuit containing capacitance and resistance in series
  10. LCR series circuit
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Alternating current Important Questions for Class 12
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Alternating current Multiple Choice questions

Electromagnetic Waves

CBSE Worksheets
  1. Electromagnetic Waves Important questions

Wave Optics

Huyghen's principle and interference of light
  1. Introduction
  2. Wave fronts and rays
  3. Huygens's principle
  4. Reflection of and Refraction of plane waves using Huygens's principle
  5. Principle of Superposition of waves
  6. Interference of light waves
  7. Coherent Sources
  8. Conditions for sustained interference of light waves
  9. Young Double slit experiment
  10. Theory of interference fringes
  11. Displacement of fringes
Diffraction and polarization of light
  1. Introduction
  2. Fraunhofer Diffraction by single slit
  3. Resolving power
  4. Polarization of light
  5. Vibrations in unpolarized and polarized light
  6. Polarization of reflection
  7. polarization by scattering
  8. Diffraction and polarization of light
  9. Law of Malus
  10. Brewster's law
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Wave Optics Important Questions

Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

CBSE Worksheets
  1. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Questions for Class 12


CBSE Worksheets
  1. Atoms Questions for Class 12 Physics


Atomic nucleus : An introduction
  1. Discovery of nucleus
  2. Nuclear Composition
  3. Atomic mass
  4. Isobars and Isotones
  5. Size of nucleus
  1. Introduction
  2. Properties of radioactive decay
  3. The alpha rays(particles)
  4. The beta rays(particles)
  5. The Gamma rays
  6. Law of radioactive Decay
  7. Half Life
  8. Mean Life
  9. Unit of activity
  10. Alpha decay
  11. β Decay
  12. γ Decay
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Nuclei Questions and answers

Semiconductor Electronics :Material,Devices & simple circuit

  1. Semiconductor Materials
  2. Bipolar Junction Transistor
  3. Transistor as an Amplifier
  4. Feedback Amplifier
  5. Transistor as an Oscillator
  6. Logic Gates
CBSE Worksheets
  1. Semiconductor Questions for Class 12
Assignments (for JEE and Competition level)
  1. Semiconductor Multiple Choice Questions

Communication systems

CBSE Worksheets
  1. Communication systems Questions for Class 12

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