Molecular nature of matter

Molecular nature of matter

  • We know that molecules which are made up of one or more atoms constitute matter.
  • In solids these atoms and molecules are rigidly fixed and space between then is very less of the order of few angstroms and hence they can not move.
  • .In liquids the atoms are not as rigidly fixed as in solids, and can move around. This enables a liquid to flow
  • In gases atoms are free to travel without colliding for large distances such that if gases were not enclosed in an enclosure they would disappear.The average distance a molecule can travel without colliding is called the mean free path. The mean free path, in gases, is of the order of thousands of angstroms
  • In solids and liquids the closeness makes the inter-atomic force important. The force has a long range attraction and a short range repulsion. The atoms attract when they are at a few angstroms but repel when they come closer
  • In gases, inter-atomic force can be neglected

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