Kinetic Theory Of Gases

Kinetic Theory of an ideal gas

    Following are the fundamental assumptions of kinetic theory of gases.
  • Gas is composed of large number of tiny invisible particles know as molecules
  • These molecules are always in state of motion with varying velocities in all possible directions.
  • Molecules traverse straight line path between any two collisions
  • Size of molecule is infinitely small compared to the average distance traverse by the molecules between any two consecutive collisions.
  • The time of collision is negligible as compared with the time taken to traverse the path.
  • Molecules exert force on each other except when they collide and all of their molecular energy is kinetic.
  • Intermolecular distance in gas is much larger than that of solids and liquids and the molecules of gas are free to move in entire space free to them.
  • All collision between molecules among themselves ,between two molecules ,molecule and the wall are elastic
  • Total Kinetic energy and total Momentum is conserved

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