Class 9 Science Online Tests

MCQ questions for class 9 science with answers

On this page find links for free MCQ questions for class 9 science with answers. Answers to all these questions can be found by submitting the online test along with your test score. You can find
1. MCQ Questions for Class 9 Biology
2. MCQ Questions for Class 9 chemistry
3. MCQ Questions for Class 9 physics
Just click on any one of the online mcq test for class 9 cbse science.
Chapter wise online tests are given below each chapter heading.

Chapter 1 – Matter in Our Surroundings

  1. matter in our surroundings quiz
  2. matter in our surroundings class 9 mcq

Chapter 2 – Is Matter Around Us Pure

  1. Is Matter around us pure online quiz

Chapter 3 – Atoms and Molecules

  1. Atoms and molecules online test

Chapter 4 – Structure of The Atom

  1. Structure of atom online test
  2. Structure of atom online quiz

Chapter 5 – The Fundamental Unit of Life

  1. the fundamental unit of life class 9 test

Chapter 6 – Tissues

  1. Tissues online quiz class 9
  2. Tissues online MCQ test

Chapter 7 – Diversity in Living Organisms

  1. Diversity in living organisms online test
  2. Diversity in living organisms quiz

Chapter 8: Motion

  1. Motion quiz
  2. Physics mcq questions class 9 motion

Chapter 9 – Force and Laws of Motion

  1. Force and Laws of Motion Class 9 mcq Online Test
  2. Force and Laws of Motion Class 9 MCQ

Chapter 10 – Gravitation

  1. Gravitation Online test
  2. Class 9 Science Gravitation MCQ

Chapter 11 – Work and Energy

  1. Work and Energy Online test – This test contains easy conceptual and numerical questions.
  2. Class 9 Science Work and Energy MCQ

Chapter 12 – Sound

  1. Sound Online test (Easy level)
  2. Class 9 Science Sound MCQ

Chapter 13 – Why Do We Fall ill

  1. why do we fall ill MCQ

Chapter 14 – Natural Resources

  1. Natural resources Class 9 MCQ

Chapter 15 – Improvement in Food Resources

  1. Improvement in food resources online test

We also provide class 9 science notes and study material. There you would be able to find notes of various chapters along with assignments for practice.