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Chapter 1 : Real Numbers

This chapter is about Euclid division algorithm and the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic for Positive Integers, Rational and Irrational Numbers NCERT Solutions

Chapter 2 : Polynomials

This chapter is about Types of Polynomials, Zeroes of the Polynomials,Division algorithm for Polynomials,Relation between coefficient and zeros of the Polynomial NCERT Solutions

Chapter 3: Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

This chapter is about Linear equations, Graphical Representation of Linear equation in one and two variables, Algebraic Solution of system of Linear equation in two variables, Simultaneous pair of Linear equation in Three Variable, Steps to solve the equations NCERT Solutions

Chapter 4: Quadratic Equation

This chapter is about Quadratic Polynomials, quadratic equations, Factoring quadratics equations, Solving quadratic equations by completing the square, Nature of roots of Quadratic equation, Quadratic word problems NCERT Solutions

Chapter 5: Arithmetic Progression

Concept of Arithmetic Progression is introduced and we discussed about nth term of Arithmetic Progression and Sum of n item in Arithmetic Progression NCERT Solutions

Chapter 6: Similar Triangles

In this chapter,we discussed about Similar Figures, Basic Proportionally Theorem, Criteria for Similarity of Triangles, Different Criterion for similarity of the triangles.We also found the Areas of Similar Triangles NCERT Solutions

Chapter 7: Coordinate Geometry

We discussed about Distance and Sector Formula in Coordinate Geometry.We also check out how to calculate the area of triangle using coordinate of the vertices.We also application of these formula to solve general problem of area in Coordinate geometry NCERT Solutions

Chapter 8: Introduction to trigonometry

Concept of Trigonometry and Trigonometric ratios are introduced. We also discussed the Trigonometric Ratios of Common angles and Trigonometric ratios of complimentary angles.Trigonometric identities are also touched upon NCERT Solutions

Chapter 9: Trigonometry Application

In this chapter, We discussed the application of Trigonometric ratios in various areas. NCERT Solutions

Chapter 10: Circles

This chapter we introduced meaning of a tangent to a circle. We discussed two important theorems related to circle which are the tangent to a circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact and the lengths of the two tangents from an external point to a circle are equal
NCERT Solutions

Chapter 11: Areas Related to Circles

< This chapter we introduced the formula for the circumference and area of the circle. We also discussed about arc, sector and segment in the circle and how to calculate the length and areas of these. NCERT Solutions

Chapter 12: Surface Area and Volume

In this chapter we discussed about determining the surface area and volume of an object formed by combining any two of the basic solids, namely, cuboid, cone, cylinder, sphere and hemisphere. Formula for Frustum of a Right Circular Cone is also introduced NCERT Solutions

Chapter 13: Statistics

This chapter introduces the concept of Un-group and group Frequency table .How to calculate the mean, mode and median for grouped frequency table.Empirical Formula between Mode, Mean and Median is also given NCERT Solutions

Chapter 14: Probability

This chapter is about The difference between experimental probability and theoretical probability. Theoretical probability formula is also introduced. We also saw the probabilities of some important events NCERT Solutions

Class 10 Maths 2023-2024 Board Exam Sample Paper by CBSE

Download Class 10 Maths Board Exam Sample paper for 2023-2024

Here we are providing the download for free sample paper for CBSE Board Examination for Class 10 Maths.We have provided previous year question paper also to help the students

CBSE Hots Questions

Previous year Class 10 Maths CBSE paper

Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 10 Maths

How many chapters are there in Class 10 Maths?

There are total 14 chapters in Class 10 Science as per the rationalized Syllabus. All the chapters will come in Board examination

What is the best books for Class 10 Maths?

Couple of book
(a)NCERT Class 10 Maths textbook
(b)NCERT Class 10 Maths Exemplar
(c)RS Agarwal and RD Sharma
(d)Previous Year Questions papers

Which is the easiest chapter of Class 10 Maths NCERT Text book?

Real numbers and Polynomials are the easiast chapter

Is Class 10 Maths NCERT Text book Sufficient for CBSE Exams?

It is sufficient if you go through all the questions in the NCERT text book thoroughly and practice them all.However to enhance your Maths skill , you can go for NCERT exemplar and other books

what is the best way to learn the concept in Class 10 Maths?

First go through all the Notes and solved examples and Then do the exercises. Practice Lot of questions. The simple Mantra is Practice .Practice and Practice

what is the deleted syllabus in Class 10 Maths?

Real Numbers:Euclid’s division lemma and Decimal representation of rational numbers in terms of terminating/non-terminating recurring decimals.
Polynomials:simple problems on division algorithm
Linear Equations: Simple Problems on equations reducible to linear equations.
Coordinate Geometry: Area of a triangle
Surface Area and Volumes: Frustum of cone
Statistics: Step deviation Method for finding the mean & Cumulative Frequency graph
Constructions:Full chapter deleted

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