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Class 10 maths NCERT solutions And Study material

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Chapter 1: Real Numbers

This chapter is about Euclids division algorithm and the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic for Positive Integers, Rational and Irrational Numbers
  1. Real Number Notes
  2. Real number Problem and Solutions
  3. Real number Worksheet
  4. Real number Practice Problems
  5. Real number Important questions
  6. Real Number Formula sheet
NCERT Solutions
  1. Real Number Exercise 1.1
  2. Real Number Exercise 1.2,1.3,1.4

Chapter 2: Polynomials

This chapter is about Types of Polynomials, Zeroes of the Polynomials,Division algorithm for Polynomials,Relation between coefficient and zeros of the Polynomial
  1. Polynomials Notes
  2. Polynomials Problem and Solutions
  3. Polynomials Test Paper
  4. Polynomials worksheets
  5. Polynomials Practice questions
  6. Polynomial important questions
  7. Polynomial Formula sheet
NCERT Solutions
  1. Polynomials Exercise 2.1
  2. Polynomials Exercise 2.2
  3. Polynomials Exercise 2.3
  4. Polynomials Exercise 2.4

Chapter 3: Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables

This chapter is about Linear equations, Graphical Representation of Linear equation in one and two variable,Algebraic Solution of system of Linear equation in two variable,Simultaneous pair of Linear equation in Three Variable,Steps to solve the equations
  1. Linear equations in two Variable Notes
  2. Problem and Solutions
  3. Linear equations Problems
  4. Linear equation worksheet
  5. Linear equation word problems
  6. Linear equations graphical problems
  7. Linear equation Cheat sheet
NCERT Solutions
  1. Linear equations Exercise 3.1
  2. Linear equations Exercise 3.3,3.4,3.5

Chapter 4: Quadratic Equation

This chapter is about Quadratic Polynomials, quadratic equations,Factoring quadratics equations,Solving quadratic equations by completing the square,Nature of roots of Quadratic equation,Quadratic word problems
  1. Quadratic Equation Notes
  2. Quadratic Problem and Solutions
  3. Quadratic Equations word problems
  4. Quadratic formula worksheet
  5. Quadratic Equation Formula sheet
NCERT Solutions
  1. Quadratic Equation Exercise 4.1
  2. Quadratic Equation Exercise 4.2
  3. Quadratic Equation Exercise 4.3
  4. Quadratic Equation Exercise 4.4

Chapter 5: Arithmetic Progression

Concept of Arithmetic Progression is introduced and we discussed about nth term of Arithmetic Progression and Sum of n item in Arithmetic Progression
  1. Arithmetic Progression Notes
  2. Airthemetic Progression Worksheet-1
  3. Airthemetic Progression Worksheet-2
  4. Airthemetic Progression Worksheet-3
  5. Arithmetic Progression Important questions
  6. Arithmetic Progression Practice Questions
NCERT Solutions
  1. Arithmetic Progression Exercise 5.1
  2. Arithmetic Progression Exercise 5.2

Chapter 6: Similar Triangles

In this chapter,we discussed about Similar Figures,Basic Proportionally Theorem, Criteria for Similarity of Triangles,Different Criterion for similarity of the triangles.We also found the Areas of Similar Triangles
  1. Similar Triangles Notes
  2. Similar triangles worksheet
  3. Similar Triangles Proof Problems
  4. Similar triangles Questions
NCERT Solutions
  1. Triangles Exercise 6.1
  2. Triangles Exercise 6.2
  3. Triangles Exercise 6.3

Chapter 7: Coordinate Geometry

We discussed about Distance and Sector Formula in Coordinate Geometry.We also check out how to calculate the area of triangle using coordinate of the verices.We also application of these formula to solve general problem of area in Coordinate geometry
  • Coordinate Geometry notes
  • Problem and Solutions
  • Coordinate Geometry Short questions
  • Coordinate Geometry 3 Marks Questions
  • Coordinate Geometry 5 Marks questions
  • Coordinate Geometry Formula sheet
  • NCERT Solutions
    1. Coordinate Geometry Exercise 7.1
    2. Coordinate Geometry Exercise 7.2
    3. Coordinate Geometry Exercise 7.3

    Chapter 8: Introduction to trigonometry

    Concept of Trigonometry and Trigonometric rations are introduced. We also discussed the Trigonometric Ratio's of Common angles and Trigonometric ratio's of complimentary angles.Trigonometric identities are also touched upon
    1. Trigonometry Notes
    2. Trignometry Practice Questions
    3. trigonometry Worksheet
    4. trigonometry Test Paper
    5. trigonometry Proof questions
    6. trigonometry Questions
    7. Trigonometry Formula sheet
    NCERT Solutions
    1. Trigonometry Exercise 8.1

    Chapter 9: Trigonometry Application

    In this chapter, We discussed the application of Trigonometric ratios in various areas.
    1. Application of trigonometry Worksheet-1
    2. Application of trigonometry Worksheet-2
    3. Application of Trigonometry Assignments
    4. Application of Trigonometry Important questions
    NCERT Solutions
    1. Trigonometry Application Exercise 9.1

    Chapter 10: Circle

    This chapter we introduced meaning of a tangent to a circle.We discussed two important theorem related to circle which are the tangent to a circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact and The lengths of the two tangents from an external point to a circle are equal
    NCERT Solutions
    1. Circle Exercise 10.1
    2. Circle Exercise 10.2

    Chapter 12: Areas Related to Circle

    This chapter we introduced the formula for the circumference and area of the circle. We also discussed about arc,sector and segment in the circle and how to calculate the lenght and areas of these.
    1. Area related to circle Important questions
    2. Area related to circle Worksheet
    3. Area related to circle Assignments
    NCERT Solutions
    1. Areas Related to Circle Exercise 12.1
    2. Areas Related to Circle Exercise 12.2
    3. Areas Related to Circle Exercise 12.3

    Chapter 13: Surface Area and Volume

    In this chapter we discussed about determining the surface area and volumne of an object formed by combining any two of the basic solids, namely, cuboid, cone, cylinder, sphere and hemisphere.Formula for Frustum of a Right Circular Cone is also introduced
    1. Surface Area and Volume Assignments
    2. Surface Area and Volume Important questions
    3. Surface Area and Volume Worksheet
    NCERT Solutions
    1. Surface Area and Volume Exercise 13.1
    2. Surface Area and Volume Exercise 13.2

    Chapter 14: Statistics

    This chapter introduces the concept of Ungroup and group Frequency table .How to calculate the mean,mode and median for grouped frequency table.Empirical Formula between Mode, Mean and Median is also given
  • Statistics Notes
  • Statistics Problem and Solutions
  • NCERT Solutions
    1. Statistics Execise 14.1
    2. Statistics Execise 14.2

    Chapter 15:Probability

    This chapter is about The difference between experimental probability and theoretical probability.Theoretical probability formula is also introduced. We also saw the probabilties of some important events
    1. Probability Notes
    2. Problem and solutions
    3. Probability worksheet-1
    4. Probability worksheet-2
    NCERT Solutions
    1. Probability Execise 15.1
    2. Probability Execise 15.2

    Board Examination Sample Paper

    Here we are providing the free sample paper for CBSE Board Examination for Class 10 Maths.We have provided previous year question paper also to help the students
    Sample CBSE paper for 2017-2018
    1. CBSE Maths Board Examination Sample paper
    2. CBSE Maths Board Examination Sample paper-1
    3. CBSE Maths Board Examination Sample paper-2
    4. CBSE Maths Board Examination Sample paper-3
    5. CBSE Maths Board Examination Sample paper-4
    CBSE Hots Questions
    1. Hots Question paper-1
    Sample paper(2016-2017)
    1. Maths SA-2 Sample paper-1
    2. Maths SA-2 Sample paper-2
    3. Maths SA-2 Sample paper-3
    4. Maths SA-2 Sample paper-4
    5. Maths SA-2 Sample paper-5
    Previous year(2016/2015/2014) CBSE paper
    1. CBSE Maths Question paper-1
    2. CBSE Maths Question paper-2
    3. CBSE Maths Question paper-3
    4. CBSE Maths Question paper-4
    5. CBSE Maths Question paper-5
    6. CBSE Maths Question paper-6
    7. CBSE Maths Question paper-7
    8. CBSE Maths Question paper-8
    9. CBSE Maths Question paper-9
    10. CBSE Maths Question paper-10

    * CBSE Previous year paper are from CBSE Official Website
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