Charge Density Formulas and Solved Example

In this article, we would learn about charge density and its formulas and would also solve some problems related to this concept. We encounter electric charge density while calculating electric field from various continuous charge distributions like linear, surface and volume. We also need the concept of charge density while studying current electricity. What is Charge Density? …

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Physics of Amusement Park’s

You must have ride Roller coaster or ferris wheel in the amusement park. Its up and down and moving in the circle must have thrilled and fascinated you Today I would like to give a brief details about those machine and how you feel different in those rides. So this article is about the Physics of Amusement Park’s.

How to solve assertion reason questions

Almost all the examination carries these type of questions.So these questions are important for success for getting good ranks

Assertion – reason type question has these five different cases
1. Both assertion and reason are true, reason is correct explanation of assertion.
2. Both assertion and reason are true but reason is not a correct explain the assertion.
3. Assertion is true but reason is false.
4. Assertion is false but reason is true.
5. Both are false.

These type of questions test only the concepts of the students. A reasonably well-prepared student can answer these questions in a matter of a few seconds.