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What is pure substance?

Although we often use the term “pure substance” informally, it has a precise meaning in science, particularly chemistry. In chemistry, a pure substance has definite composition and distinct chemical properties. We will explore what is pure substances in chemistry in this article. In everyday language, a pure substance is one that has no contamination or impurities …

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Difference Between Metal And Non-Metal

Learn the difference between metal and non-metal. Discover how they differ in terms of physical and chemical properties. Metals and non-metals are an integral part of our lives. Apart from day-to-day life situations, metal and non-metal are industrially very important. All these metals and non-metals are obtained from minerals. All the elements of a periodic …

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Is Milk A Pure Substance or a Mixture?

We all are familiar with milk. While studying pure substances and mixtures there comes a question Is Milk A Pure Substance or a Mixture? Well, this article is all about explaining why milk is regarded as a mixture, not as a pure substance. TLDR;Lactose and casein are found in milk. It’s a colloidal solution. Milk …

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Electron configuration of oxygen

Oxygen is denoted by the letter O and its atomic number is 8. The number of electrons in Oxygen is 8. It is a highly reactive non-metal Electron configuration of Oxygen Electron configuration is the Arrangement of electrons in different orbitals of an atom. The electronic configuration of Oxygen is given by 1s2 , 2s2, 2p4 …

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