Ohm’s Law Verification

We already know the statement of Ohm’s Law which is

“If the physical state of the conductor (Temperature and mechanical strain etc.) remains unchanged, then current flowing through a conductor is always directly proportional to the potential difference across the two ends of the conductor”

Homogenous Mixture

What is a Homogeneous Mixture? In chemistry, a homogeneous mixture is a type of mixture. Another type of mixture is a heterogeneous mixture. Homogeneous mixtures, like pure substances, have a single phase of matter observed, as opposed to heterogeneous mixtures, which have two or more phases of matter.   Because salt has a distinct composition, …

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Escape Velocity Formula

TL;DRThe escape velocity formula does not depend on the escaping object’s properties. The only thing that counts is the celestial body’s mass and radius. It is given by the relation$v_e = \sqrt{\frac{2GM}{R}}$ You’ve probably seen rockets launch into space. These rockets need a huge kick or push to leave the earth’s surface. This push is …

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