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Activity 13.5 Class 10 Science

Activity 13.5: NCERT book Science Class 10 Ever wondered what happens to waste after it’s thrown away? Activity 13.5 in the Class 10 NCERT Science book explores how different waste materials decompose, teaching us about waste management and the roles of biological and physical processes. Understanding Waste Decomposition: Activity 13.5 from Class 10 Science Materials […]

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Class 10 Light Formulas

This page provides a concise formula compilation on light reflection and refraction from Class 10 Science Chapter 9. A downloadable PDF formula sheet includes all essential formulas and key points. It facilitates efficient revision and subject mastery, serving as an invaluable study resource for board exams. Revision Notes: Light – Reflection and Refraction Reflection of

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Top Conceptual Questions for Rotational Mechanics

1) If the total external force acting on a rigid body is zero, then
(a) only linear momentum remains constant
(b) only angular momentum remains constant
(c) both linear momentum and angular momentum remains constant
(d) neither linear momentum nor angular momentum remain constant

2) A ball of mass M is tied to a string of length L is whirled round in a horizontal plane in a circle of radius R. The speed of the stone is increased beyond the maximum permissible value and the string breaks suddenly; then
(a) the stone will jerk radially outwards

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