Work done and power in rotational motion

work done and power in rotational motion

  • We know that when we apply force on any object in direction of the displacement of the object ,work is said to be done
  • Similarly force applied to the rotational body does work on it and this work done can be expressed in terms of moment of force (torque) and angular displacement θ
  • Consider the figure given below where a force F acts on the wheel of radius R pivoted at point O .so that it can rotate through point O

    Figure shows the force action on wheel pivoted at point O

  • This force F rotates the wheel through an angle dθ and dθ is small enough so that we can regard force to be constant during corresponding time interval dt
  • Work done by this force is
    but ds=Rdθ
  • Now FR is the torque Τ due to force we have
    dW=Τdθ ----(19)
  • if the torque is constant while angle changes from θ1 to θ2 then
    W=Τ(θ21)=ΤΔθ ---(20)
    Thus work done by the constant torque equals the product of the torque and angular displacement
  • we know that rate of doing work is the power input of torque so
  • In vector notation

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