Newton's Second Law of Motion

(5) Newton's second law of motion

  • Newton's first law of motion qualitatively defines the concept of force and the principle of inertia
  • For an body at rest, application of force causes a changed in its existing state and application of force on a body moving with uniform velocity would give the body under consideration as acceleration
  • Newton's second law of motion is a relation between force and acceleration
  • Newton's second law of motion says that
    " The net force on a body is equal to the product of mass and acceleration of the body"
    Fnet=ma                               (1)
    Where Fnet is the vector sum of all the forces acting on the body
  • Above equation -(1) can be resolved along x,y and z components .Thus in component form
  • Component of acceleration along a given axis is caused only by the net component of force along that axis only not by the components of force along other axis
  • Newton's second law of motion is completely consistent with newton first law of motion as from equation (1) F=0 implies that a=0
  • For a body moving under the influence of force, acceleration at any instant is determined by the force at that instant not by the previous motion of the particle
  • Newton's second law of motion is strictly applicable to a single particle .In case of rigid bodies or system of particles, it refers to total external forces acting on the system excluding the internal forces in the system.

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