Circuit containing Capacitor and resistance in series|Alternating Current

Circuit containing capacitance and resistance in series

  • Figure below shows a circuit containing capacitor and resistor connected in series through a sinusoidal voltage source of voltage

    AC through Circuit containing capacitance and resistance in series

  • In this case instantaneous P.D across R is
    and across the capacitor C is
  • In this case VR is in phase with current i and VC lags behind i by a phase angle 900
  • Figure 11(b) shows the phasors diagram where vector OA represent the resultant of VR and VC which is the applied Voltage thus

    is called the impedance of the circuit
  • Again from the phasors diagram applied voltage lags behind the current by a phase angle φ given by
    tanφ= VC/ VR=1/ωCR                                       ---(18)

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