Center of mass Frame of Reference

(10) Centre of mass frame of reference

  • If we attach an Inertial frame of Reference with the centre of mass of many particle system then centre of mass in that frame of reference would be at rest or, Vcm=0 , and such type of reference frames are known as centre of mass frame of reference.
  • Total Linear Momentum of a many particle system is zero in centre of mass frame of reference i.e., pcm=MVcm=0 since Vcm=0.
  • Therefore C-reference frames are also known as zero momentum reference frames.
  • Since in absence of any external force the centre of mass of any system moves with constant velocity in inertial frame of reference therefore for a many particle system C-frame of reference is an inertial frame of reference.
  • Reference frames connected to laboratory are known as L-frame of reference or laboratory frame of reference.

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