Short questions on electrostatics for CBSE Board

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Question 1
Can we give any amount of charge to a capacitor?

Question 2
A capacitor is connected to a battery. If we move its plates further apart, work will be done against the electrostatic attraction between the plates. What will be the effect on the energy of the capacitor?

Question 3
two identical metallic spheres A and B of exactly equal masses are taken. Sphere A is given positive charge of Q coulomb and B is given an equal negative charge.So initially before the charge is given
What will be the masses after the charging?
(a) $M_A > M_B$
(b) $M_A < M_B$
(c) $M_A=M_B$
(d) Nothing can be said

Question 4
Two statements
Statement I: A small metallic sphere is placed at the center of a large charged spherical shell and two are the connected by a wire. The charge will not flow from outer sphere to inner sphere
Statement II:  A charged conductor is placed inside the hollow conductor and two are connected by the wire. The whole charge will flow on the outer surface of the outer conductor
(a) Both the statement I and II are correct
(b) Statement I is correct only
(c) Statement II is correct only
(d) Both the statement is true

Question 5
Superposition principle can not be applied to these quantities in electrostatics
(a) Electrostatic energy
(b) Electric Field
(c) Electric Potential
(d) Electric force

Question 6
What is electrostatic Shielding?

Question 7
Consider the electric field at the points A, B, C

List the points in increasing order of electric field strength
(a) C> B>A
(b) C>A>B
(c) A>B>C
(d) None of the

Question 8
Consider the system

Which of the following is true?
(a) Electric flux through surface A2 is zero
(b) Electric Flux through surface A1 is not zero
(c) Electric field at the surface A2 is not zero
(d) None of these

Question 9
Two conducting charged spheres X and Y having unequal charges are connected by the wire. Which of the following is true?
(a) Charge is conserved
(b) Electrostatic energy is conserved
(c) Both the charge and electrostatic energy is conserved
(d) Neither of these is conserved

Question 10
What is true of equipotential surface?
(a) The PD between any two points on the surface is zero
(b) The electric field is always perpendicular to the surface
(c) Equipotential surface are always spherical
(d) No work is done in moving a charge along the surface

Question 11
Write down the difference between Electric Motor and Electric generator

Question 12
Define following terms
(a) Dielectric constant of a medium
(b) Electric dipole moment
(c) Electric flux

Question 13
Electric field inside a dielectric decreases when it is placed in an external field. Give reason to support this statement.

Question 14
Electric field lines can not be discontinuous. Give reason.

Question 15
Why do electric field lines can never cross each other?

Question 16
What is the net amount of charge on a charged capacitor?

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