Class 10 Magnetic effects of current Extra Questions

One marks questions

Question 1 If the current in a wire is flowing in the vertically downward direction and a magnetic field is applied from west to east, what is the direction of force on the wire?

Question 2 When do we apply Flemings (i) Left hand (ii) Right hand rule.>

Question 3 How much force is exerted by a magnetic field on a stationary charge?

Question 4  A positive charge is moving vertically upwards, when it enters a region of magnetic field directed toward north, what is the direction of force on the charge?

Two marks questions

Question 5  Two circular coils A and B are placed closed to each other. If the current in the coil A is changed, will some current be induced in the coil B? Give reason.

Question 6  State the principle of an electric generator.
Question 7  What is the function of a split ring in an electric motor?
Question 8  (a) Why do we connect earth wire in a house? Give two reasons.
(b) What type of current is used in house hold supply and what type of current is given by a cell?

Question 9  To which wire do you connect fuse wire in a house hold circuit? Write name of one source of AC current and one source of DC current.

Three marks questions

Question 10  (a) Define the term current rating of an electric fuse?
(b) Name the material used to make electric fuse?
(c) Name two safety measure commonly used in electric circuit and appliances?

Question 11  Draw a labelled diagram of an electric motor. Explain its principle and working.
Question 12  A coil made of insulated copper wire is connected to a galvanometer. What will happen to the deflection of the galvanometer if bar magnet is pushed into the coil and then pulled out of it. Give reason for your answer and the phenomenon involved.

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Practice Question

Question 1 Which among the following is not a base?
B) $NH_4OH$
C) $C_2H_5OH$
Question 2 What is the minimum resistance which can be made using five resistors each of 1/2 Ohm?
A) 1/10 Ohm
B) 1/25 ohm
C) 10 ohm
D) 2 ohm
Question 3 Which of the following statement is incorrect? ?
A) For every hormone there is a gene
B) For production of every enzyme there is a gene
C) For every molecule of fat there is a gene
D) For every protein there is a gene

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