Class 10 Science Board Sample Paper -4

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Section A

Question 1
How many structural isomers can you draw for pentane?

Question 2
What are the two unique properties of carbon?

Question 3
Draw the structure of butanone?
Question 4
Why is the conversion of ethanol to ethanoic acid an oxidation reaction?
Question 5
What are oxidizing agent?

Question 6
What are the limitations of Dobereiner’s classification?

Question 7
Name three elements with filled outermost shells?

Question 8
Which element has a total of three shells, with three electrons in its valence shell?

Question 9
How would the tendency to gain electron change on moving from left to right in a period of the periodic table?

Question 10
Why is variation beneficial to the species but not necessarily for the individual?

Question 11
How will an organism be benefited if it reproduce by spores?

Question 12
Why is vegetative propagation practiced for growing some types of plants?

Question 13
How does the embryo get nourishment inside the mother’s body?

Question 14
Name an STD which damages the immune system of human body and caused by bateria?

Question 15
What are a different ways in which individuals with a particular trait may increase in a population?

Question 16
Give an example of characteristaic being used to determine how close two species are in evolutionary terms?

Question 17:
When a proton moves in a uniform magnetic field, What happens to these things
(i) Mass
(ii) Speed
(iii) velocity
(iv) Momentum
(v) Kinetic energy

Question 18
(a) In a household electric circuit different appliances are connected in parallel to one another. Give two reasons.
(b) Why are alloys commonly used in electrical heating devices?

Question 19
(a) How much energy is given to each coulomb of charge passing through a 6 V battery?
(b) Calculate the work done in moving a charge of 5 Coulombs from a point at a potential of 210 Volts to another point at 240 Volts.

Question 20
(a)Why does a current carrying conductor kept in a magnetic field experience force? On what factors does the direction of this force depend?
(b)Name and state the rule used for determination of direction of this force

Question 21
Give reason for these
(a) The sky appears to be blue during day time to a person on earth.
(b)The stars appears to twinkle
(c) The planets do not twinkle

Question 22:
Will current flow more easily through a thick wire or a thin wire of the same material, when connected to the same source? Why?

Question 23
(a)Give any two test of carboxylic acid?
(b)Write the chemical equation for oxidation of ethanoic acid?
(c)Why do soaps form scum with hard water?
(d)Name the process used for preparation of soap? Wrote the chemical equation involved in this process?

Question 24
(a)Define genetics? Who is the fader of genetics?
(b)If a trait A exist in 10% of a population of an asexually reproducing species and a trait B exists in 60% of the same population, which trait likely to have arisen earlier?

Question 25
When are stomata expected to be open in a plant like lily?
(a)At night
(b)At day time
(c)In a cloudy day
(d)(a), (b) and (c)

Question 26
Stomata pore opens when:
(a)Water from surrounding cells enter into guard cells
(b)Water from guard cells goes to the surrounding cell
(c)Te plants are in dark
(d)No movement of water occurs between guard cells and surrounding cell

Question 27
In the experiment to prove that light is essential for photosynthesis, one of the item is not used in the procedure. Identify it.
(b)Black paper
(c)Starch solution
(d)Water bath

Question 28
How will you protect yourself from the heat generated while diluting a concentrated acid?
A. By adding acid to water with constant stirring.
B. By adding water to acid with constant stirring.
C. By adding water to acid followed by base.
D. By adding base to acid with constant stirring.

Question 29
Which of the following mirror is used by a dentist to examine a small cavity in a patient’s teeth?
A. Convex mirror
B. Plane mirror
C. Concave mirror
D. Any spherical mirror

Question 30

Examine the above figure and state which of the following option is correct?
[one small box in the figure is equal to 1 cm]
A. The mirror has a focal length of -6 cm and will produce an image of magnification +1.
B. The mirror has a focal length of -3 cm and will produce an image of magnification -1.
C. The mirror has a focal length of -3 cm and will produce an image of magnification +1.
D. The mirror has a focal length of -6 cm and will produce an image of magnification -1.


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