CBSE Important Questions(long questions) for Carbon Compounds

Q1. Draw the structure of the following compounds –
  1. Butanoic acid
  2. Bromopantane
  3. Butyne
Q2. State reason to explain why covalent compounds –
  1.  are bad conductor of electricity?
  2. have low melting point and boiling point?
Q3. Write the names of the following carbon compounds ad draw their structures?
  1. CH3COCH3
  2. CH3CH2Br
  3. C6H6
Q4. What are oxidizing agent? State two oxidizing agent. Write one chemical equation using oxidizing agent?
Q5. (i) Why ethanoic acid is called glacial acetic acid?(ii)Write balanced chemical equation of reaction of ethanoic acid with sodium hydrogen Carbonate?
Q6. Describe an activity to prepare an ester in laboratory with a well labeled diagram?
Q7. Why is hard water not suitable for washing clothes with soap?
Q8. Give a chemical test to distinguish between alcohol and carboxylic acid?
Q9. Suggest one method to remove the temporary hardness of water?
Q10. Name the gas evolved when ethanoic acid is added to sodium carbonate. How would you prove the presence of this gas?
Q11. Describe along with chemical equation, what happen when –
  1. Ethene  react with bromine water.
  2. Ethanol burns in air.
  3. Ethanoic acid reacts with ethanol in presence of sulphuric acid?
Q12. An organic compound X is an essential constituent of wine and beer ‘X’ is responsible for intoxication caused by thee drinks. Oxidation of ‘X’ yields an organic acid Y which is present in vinegar.
Q13. What is a homologous series? Explain with an example?
Q14. With the help of an example, explain the process of hydrogenation. Mention the essential conditions for the reaction & state the change I physical properties with the formation of product.
Q15. Under what conditions an oxidation reaction can be called as combustion reaction? Illustrate you answer with examples?

Q16. Complete the following equation-
  1. CH3COOC2H5___________
  2. CH3COOH + NaHCO3 ___________
  3. CH4 + Cl2____________
Q17. An organic compound A on heating with concentrated H2SO4 forms a compound B which an addition of one mole of hydrogen in presence on Ni forms a compound C. One mole of compound C on combustion form two moles of CO2 and 3 mole of H2O. Identify the compounds A, B and C. Write the chemical equations of the reactions involved.
Q18. How can ethanol and ethanoic acid be differentiated on the basis of their physical and chemical properties?
Q19. Explain why carbon forms compounds mainly by covalent bed. Explain in brief two main reasons for carbon forming a large number of compounds. Why does carbon form strong bonds with most other element?
Q20. Describe the addition reaction of carbon compounds with its use. State the function of catalyst in this reaction?
Q21. Write balanced chemical equation of the reaction of ethanoic acid with
  1. Sodium carbonate
  2. Sodium hydrogen carbonate
  3. Sodium hydroxide
Q22. (i) Give a chemical test to distinguish between alcohol and carboxylic acid.
(ii) Describe sapenification?
Q23. Name theprocess and write the completereaction involved in the following conversions –
  1. Ethanol to ethane
  2. Ethanoic acid to ester
  3. Ester to ethanol
Q24. An organic compound ‘X’ of molecular formula C2H6O on oxidation with alkaline KMnO4 gives a compound ’Y’. On heating compound ‘X’ with compound ‘Y’ in presence of concentrated H2SO4, a sweet smelling compound ‘Z’ in produced. Identify X, Y, Z? Write chemical equation of the above reaction involved?

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