CBSE Important Questions(Short questions) for Carbon Compounds

Q1. Draw the structure of simplest aldehyde?
Q2. Name the organic compound which can be produced by fermentation of sugar and is a constituent of beer?
Q3. Write the name and formula of 2nd member of homologous series having general formula CnH2n-1?
Q4. Write the number of covalent bonds in the molecule of butane C4H10?
Q5. Why soap forms scum with hard water?
Q6. Would you able to check if water is hard by using a detergent?
Q7. Why covalent compounds are generally poor conductor of electricity?
Q8. Draw the electron dot and cross structure of the main covalent compound present in compressed natural gas (CNG)?
Q9. What type of bond is present in F2?
Q10. State the number of valence electrons and valency of carbon atom?

Q11. Write molecular formula of alcohol which can be derived from butane?
Q12. Draw the structural formula of methanoic acid?
Q13. A colourless gas ‘X’ has a formula C3H6. It decolorizes bromine water? Write the chemical name of “X’?
Q14. State two characteristics features of carbon which when put together give rise to large number of carbon compounds?
Q15. Write the molecular formula of benzene & state the number of double bond in its structure?
Q16. Write the name and formula of first member of the carbon compounds having functional group- COOH?
Q17. Name the functional group present in –
  1. CH3CHO   
  2. C2H5 COOH
Q18. What are oxidizing agents?
Q19. Explain why carbon generally forms compound by covalent bonds?
Q20. To which group ethanoic acid belongs? How it differs from vinegar?
Q21. What is esterification?
Q22. What is the basic principle behind the action of soaps and detergents?
Q23. How carboxylic acids are generally categoried? How these differ from other mineral acids?
Q24. Why does micelle formation take place when soap is added to water? Will a micelle be formed in other solvents such as ethanol also?
Q25. An organic compound burns with a sooty flame? Is it a Saturated or an unsaturated compound?
Q26. Write the molecular formula of the following compound and draw their electron dot structure?
  1. Ethane
  2. Ethene
  3. Ethyne
Q27. Explain the mechanism of cleansing action of soap?
Q28. List the physical properties of covalent compound and give reason for each?
Q29. Why carbon and its compound are used as fuel most applications?

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