CBSE Important Questions(Short questions) for MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES

QUESTIONS: (1 Mark Each)
Q1. How does increasing demand for energy adversely affect our environment?
Q2. Name any two wastes which can be recycled and reused.
Q3. Compare reuse and recycle methods for conservation of environment.
Q4. Give any two uses of bamboo for local people.
Q5. Give one protective function of forest.
Q6. Mention any two reasons for failure to sustain underground water.
Q7. Mention one reason for discontentment among the people who have been displaced by building dams.
Q8. Identify two local industries which pollute the local water bodies by throwing untreated sewage.
Q9. Which gas is produced due to incomplete combustion of fossil fuels?
Q10. Name any two household wastes which can be easily recycled, but are generally thrown in the dustbin by us.

QUESTIONS: (2 Marks Each)
Q1. “Reuse is better than recycling of materials”. Give reason to justify this statement.
Q2. The construction of large dams lead to social and environment problems. List two problems of each category.
Q3. List four advantages of water stored in the ground as “ground water”.
Q4. Recycling of paper, metal, plastic and e- waste is done at most of the places. Mention the positive impact of this recycling process on environment.
Q5. The 3 R’s to save the environment, can make a difference. What do these R’s refers to?
Q6. “Sustainable development depends upon the willingness of the people to change their perception of the socio- economic and environment conditions around them.” Justify the statement.
Q7. How does mining disturb ecological balance?
Q8.Suggest some approaches that need to be adopted towards conservation of forest.
Q9. Industrialization is one of the major causes of deforestation. State two reasons.
Q10. Mention any two factors responsible for the neglect of local irrigation methods.
Q11. Compare the advantages of ground water over water available from sources on the surface of the earth.
Q12. State the main purpose of water harvesting system and also mention the source which fills the ponds behind harvesting structures.
Q13.What will be the consequences if all the carbon of all fossil fuel is converted into carbon dioxide?
Q14. Acid rain is causing damage to monuments/ buildings etc. and also harms the flora and fauna.
(a)  What is the cause of acid rain?
(b) What essential changes in our daily life practices should be done to prevent acid rain?
(c) Mention the associated values for doing this.
Q15. Shikha lives in a remote village, where cooking is done on coal stove or burning wood. She saw her mother coughing. She told her about the ill effects of smoke in a closed room and asked her father to put a window in kitchen.
(a) List any two values shown by Shikha by her action.
(b) Mention the consequences of burning coal in a closed room.
Q16. Manoj always took care that when school was over, all switches of light and fans were put off.
(a) Mention any two values which others should also inculcate.
(b) Mention two other methods to conserve electricity.
Q17.Mineral riches of the crust are either extracted or used. For every ton of metal a large amount of slag is discarded which damages the environment. Explain the kind of management that we need in this regard. Give any two values attained from this management system.
Q18. The students of Eco- club of your school want to set up a green corner in the school.
(a) How will you convince the school management for the same? Mention any three arguments.
(b) State any three values that are imbibed through this approach.
Q19. What is meant by biodiversity? List two advantages of conserving forests and wildlife.
Q20. List two advantages associated with water harvesting at the community level.
Q21. List four products formed by burning of coal.
Q22. Why are forests considered “biodiversity hot spots”? List two ways in which an individual can contribute effectively to the management of forests and wildlife.
Q23. What is coliform bacteria? What does its presence indicate?
Q24. Mention any two reasons for failure to sustain underground water.
Q25. Why should we conserve forests and wildlife?
Q26. Why do you think there should he equitable distribution of resources? What forces would be working against an equitable distribution of our resources?

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