Long Questions for Source of energy

Question 1
Suggest two materials that can be used to produce bio - gas. Mention two uses of bio - gas and two advantages of bio - gas plant.

Question 2
(a) How charcoal is better fuel than wood, why?
(b) How does bio-gas plant help to reduce the problem of pollution?

Question 3
(i)Name two semiconductors used in solar cell?
(ii)What is solar cell pane?
(iii)State two main advantages of solar panel.

Question 4
Why is not possible to make use of solar cells to meet all our energy needs? State at least three reasons to support your answer.

Question 5
What is bio-gas? Why is bio-gas considered an ideal fuel for domestic use?

Question 6
(i)What is a wind energy farm?
(ii)Mention the steps involved in generating electricity from such farms.
(iii) State two steps in the process of generation of electricity from a windmill.

Question 7
What is the importance of hydro power plants in India? Describe how electric energy is generated in such plants.

Question 8
If energy can neither be created nor destroyed, explain with an example as to why we should worry about our energy crisis?

Question 9
Draw a well labeled diagram of a biogas plant. Why is slurry left behind considered useful?

Question 10
Mention the transformation of energy that takes place in a thermal power plant. Briefly describe the working of a thermal power plant. Why thermal power plants are set up near oil or coal fields?

Question 11
How is electricity generated in a thermal power plant?

Question 12
(i) Explain with the help of labeled diagram the process of production of biogas in a biogas plant.
(ii) What is biomass?

Question 13
(i) Differentiate between energy obtained by burning fossil fuels and that obtained as solar energy.
(ii)Name two fossil fuels. Explain how does burning of fossil fuels affect our water and soil resources.
(iii) Name any two gases released on burning of fossil fuels.

Question 14
Compare the advantages of generating energy from bio - mass than getting it from hydro power plant.

Question 15
Write any three disadvantages associated with hydro power plant.

Question 16
Define a solar cell. Give any two applications of solar cell. write one factor that makes them commercially viable for transmission of power in inaccessible and remote places.

Question 17
There are upcoming tidal power plants in Gujarat and West Bengal. But tides as a source of energy have not been tapped properly in India.

Question 18
Draw a neat well labeled diagram of a solar cooker. Also write the function of the glass plate.

Question 19
Name three forms in which energy from oceans is made available for us. What are OTEC power plants? How do they operate?

Question 20
(i) Name three forms in which energy from ocean is made available for use.
(ii) What are the limitations of energy that are obtained from oceans..

Question 21
(i) Explain the process of nuclear fission. Write the steps involved in generating electricity in a nuclear reactor.
(ii) State any three limitations of harnessing nuclear energy.

Question 22
(i) Write three advantages and three limitations of using solar cooker.
(ii) State the function of
(a) glass plate
(b) mirror
(c) blackened box in a solar cooker.

Question 23
List in tabular form two distinguishing features between renewable and non - renewable sources of energy. Give two examples of each.

Question 24
What are the limitations of extracting energy from
(i) the wind
(ii) waves
(iii) tides

Question 25
What are the environment consequences of using fossil fuels? Suggest the steps to minimize the pollution caused by various sources of energy including non- conventional sources of energy.

Question 26
Differentiate between box - type solar cooker and spherical reflector type solar cooker.

Question 27
State any two impacts on the environment caused due to increase in demand for energy. Suggest any two steps to reduce energy consumption.

Question 28
What are the environmental consequences of the increasing demand for energy? What steps would you suggest to reduce energy consumption?
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