Class 10 Science(Biology) Important Questions(Short questions) for Our Environment

Questions: (3 marks each)

Question 1.
Draw a sequence of suitable methods of disposal of waste produced at your home to minimize environmental pollution.
Question 2.
State 10% law. Explain with an example how energy flows through different trophic levels.
Question 3.
“Energy flow in food chains is always unidirectional.” Justify this statement. Explain how the pesticides enter a food chain and subsequently get into our body. Question 4.
Why is damage to the ozone layer a cause for concern? What steps are being taken to limit this damage?
Question 5.
Give four differences between food chain and food web.
Question 6.
Though the kulhads are made- up of clay which is an eco- friendly substance but their use has been discontinued in the trains now- a- days. Give reasons which lead to discontinuance of this practice.
Question 7.
Why is government of India imposing a ban on the use of polythene bags? Suggest two alternatives to these bags and explain how this ban is likely to improve the environment.
Question 8.
You are advised to use eco – friendly appliances like refrigerators and ACs. Giving reason, explain how these devices are causing harm to environment.

Questions: (5 marks each)

Question 1.
Waste disposal in India simply involves rounding up the waste from different parts of the cities, and dumping everything in a landfill. Once a landfill is completely occupied, a new landfill is discovered in different part of the cities. It is estimated that 1400sq. Km. Of land would be required by 2047 for waste disposal.
(a) What are the various types of wastes generated at home?
(b) Suggest two ways by which people can be taught to control the waste generation.
(c) Mention the values that need to be imbibed among people for doing this.
Question 2.
Monika was observing a lizard on the wall which chased an insect and ate it. She felt that the lizard was cruel and ugly. Suddenly the lizard fell off and was eaten by a cat. She started thinking how organisms are connected to each other for their food.
(a) What is food chain? Will the world be a better place without lizards?
(b) Make a food chain of five organisms.
(c) Do you think that a lizard is cruel and ugly?
(d) To which trophic level of the food chain does lizard belong? Question 3.
You plan to organize a campaign on ‘harmful effects of smoking on human health’ in your neighborhoods areas and guide them.
(a) List any three reasons that you will give to convince the people about harmful effects of smoking on human health.
(b) List any three values that are inculcated with such approach.
Question 4.
Distinguish between biodegradable and non- biodegradable substances. List two effects of each of them on our environment.
Question 5.
We often observe domestic waste decomposing in the by lanes of residential colonies. Suggest ways to make the resident of their waste is harmful to the environment.

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