Class 10 Nutrition|Life processes Important questions

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Nutrition Important questions for Class 10

Very Short Answer type Questions

Question 1
How are autotrophs classified?

Question 2
Which are the two type of photosynthetic pigment?

Question 3
What are the types of chlorophylls?

Question 4

Question 5
How is the radiant energy of the sun utilized in the green plants?

Question 6
How does light affect photosynthesis?

Question 7
What are macrophagous feeders?

Question 8
What are microphagous feeders?

Question 9
What are detritivores?

Question 10
What is symbiosis?

Question 11
What is parasitism?

Question 12
What are haustoria?

Question 13
What is coprophagy?

Question 14
What are carrion feeders?

Question 15
What are insectivorous plants?

Question 16
Which are the two sets of teeth in human?

Question 17
Give two examples each of saprophytes and saprozoans?

Short Answers Questions

Question 1
What are nutrients?

Question 2
What is autotrophic nutrition?

Question 3
What is heterotrophic nutrition?

Question 4
Why are green plants called producers?

Question 5
What is photosynthesis?

Question 6
What are the raw materials required for photosynthesis?

Question 7
From where do the green plants get carbon dioxide?

Question 8
How do green plants get water?

Question 9
Why are minerals essential in photosynthesis?

Question 10
How do plants obtain minerals?

Question 11
How do the plants obtain carbon dioxide and water?

Question 12
Name the different types of heterotrophic nutrition?

Question 13
What is holozoic nutrition?

Question 14
What are saprotrophs?

Question 15
Name two parasitic plants?

Question 16
What type of nutrition is shown in amoeba? What does it diet include?

Long answer Type Questions

Question 17
What is the importance of nutrients?

Question 18
Give account of the reaction of the photosynthetic reaction?

Question 19
How are all plants and animals dependent on green plants?

Question 20
What are the steps involved in holozoic nutrition?

Question 21
Write short notes on absorption?

Question 22
How is food digested in amoeba?

Question 23
Describe the digestion of food in the small intestine?

Question 24
What is the function of large intestine in the human digestive system?

Question 25
What is the role played by the liver in addition to the digestion of food

Question 26
What are the two types of digestion?

Question 27
What are photoautotrophs?

Question 28
What are the various factors effecting photosynthesis?

Question 29
How are parasites classified?

Question 30
How does ingestion take place in paramecium?

Question 31
Name the digestive glands in the human digestive system and mention their secretion?


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