Class 10 Science Half Yearly Sample Paper -1

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Section A

Question 1:
Draw ray diagrams to show the formation of a three times magnified (i) real image (ii) virtual image of an object kept in front of a converging lens. Mark the positions of object, F, 2F, O and position of image clearly in the diagram.

Question 2:
With respect to air the refractive index of kerosene is 1.44 and that of diamond is 2.42.
Calculate the refractive index of diamond with respect to kerosene

Question 3:
(a) Why food chain consists of three or four steps only?
(b) Which of the following will have the maximum concentration of harmful Chemicals in its body?
Peacock, Frog, Grass, Snake, Grasshopper
(c) Why energy of herbivores never come back to the autotrophs?
(d) What are decomposers and what is the importance of them in the ecosystem?

Question 4:
Name the respiratory pigment in human beings. Where is this pigment found?

Question 5:
An object of size 5 cm is kept at a distance of 25 cm from the optical center of a converging lens of focal length 10cm. Calculate the distance of the image from the lens and size of the image.

Question 6:
Two lenses have power of (i) + 2D (ii) - 4D. What is the nature and focal length of each lens.?

Question 7:
An object is kept at a distance of 100cm from +2D len
Calculate the (i) image distance (ii) magnification in each of the two cases

Question 9:
Explain why?
(i) ‘Danger’ signal are red in color.
(ii) Convex mirrors are commonly used as rear – view mirrors.

Question 10:
(a)What is the natural phenomenon behind the formation of a rainbow?
(b)Name a device that can be used to observe such a phenomenon in the laboratory?
(c)If you are facing a rainbow in the sky, what is the position of sun with respect to your position?

Section B

Question 11:
(a) What are alloys?
(b) How are they made?
(c) Give the constituents and uses of Solder, Brass and Bronze

Question 12::
A student finds the writing on the blackboard blurred and unclear when sitting on the last desk in the classroom. He however, sees it clearly when sitting on the front desk at an approximate distance of 2m from the blackboard. Draw ray diagrams to illustrate the formation of image of the blackboard writing by his eye-lens when he is seated at the (i) last desk (ii) front desk.
Name the kind of lens that would help him to see clearly even when he is seated at the last desk. Draw a ray diagram to illustrate how this lens helps him to see clearly.

Question 13:
(a) Which hormone is injected to a diabetic patient and why?
(b) What will happen in intake of iodine in our diet is low?

Question 14:
Write the location. Hormone secreted, their function of following gland?
(a)Adrenal gland
(d)Thyroid gland

Question 15:
Refractive index of media P, Q, R and S are
P=> 1.22
Q => 1.51
R => 1.31
S => 1.71
Arrange the media in ascending order of the speed of light

Question 16:
(i)What are amphoteric oxides?
(ii) Give two examples of amphoteric oxides with balanced chemical equation?

Question 17:
What is synapse? How the electrical impulse conduct through neuron?

Question 18:.
When Ferrous sulphate crystal are heated in a dry boiling tube.
(a)List any two observation?
(b)Name the type of chemical reaction? Write balanced chemical equation?

Question 19:
Write the electron dot structure for following
  1. Oxygen
  2. Chlorine
  3. Sodium
  4. Magnesium

Question 20:
Differentiate between:
(a)Arteries, veins and capillaries
(b)Displacment and double displacement reaction
(c)Saprophytic and holozoic nutrition
(d)Oxidation and reduction reaction


This Class 10 Science Half Yearly Sample Paper -1 for TERM 1 is prepared keeping in mind the latest syllabus of CBSE . This has been designed in a way to improve the academic performance of the students. If you find mistakes , please do provide the feedback on the mail.

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