Class 10 Science Control And Coordination Test Paper for Biology

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a. Multiple Choice Questions
b. Very Short Answer Questions
c. Short Answer type
d. Long answer questions

Match the column

q ->iv
r ->i
s ->ii

Very Short Answer type

Question 1
Name the part of brain which controls equilibrium and posture of body.
Cerebellum, which is a part of the hindbrain

Question 2
Name the part of hind brain which takes part in regulation of respiration.
medulla oblongata.

Question 3.
Name gland that will be present in child of 8 years but in men of 45 years
thyrodic gland

Question 4
Name the master gland of the body.
Pituitary gland

Question 5
Name the hormone which stimulates growth of milk glands and milk secretion.
prolactin and oxytocin

Question 6
Name the largest endocrine gland.
Thyroid gland.

Question 7
Name the hormones produced by Pancreas.
insulin and glucagon.

Question 8
Name the largest and second largest part of the brain.
Cerebrum and cerebellum

Question 9
Name the disease, which is caused due to deficiency of insulin.

Question 10
Which hormone helps in lowering the level of blood glucose in human beings?

Question 11
Mention the three layers of meninges from outside to inside.
Dura mater-arachnoid-pia mater

Question 12
We suddenly withdraw our hand when a pin pricks. Name the type of response involved in this action.
reflex action

Question 13
Which hormone is responsible for the development of moustache and beard in men?

Question 14
Name the box in which brain is situated. What is the weight of fully grown human brain?

Question 15
Out of pituitary and hypothalamus which one excises ultimate control over endocrine system?

Question 16
Name a gland that is associated with kidney.
Adrenal gland

Short Anser type

Question 17.
Why is Oxytocin known as birth hormone?
Question 18.
Give example of glands that are (a) Exocrine
(b) Endocrine
(c) Mixed
Question 19.
What is diabetes insipidus?
Question 20.
Why diabetes insipidus is actually not the diabetes?
Question 21. Nervous and hormonal system together perform the function of control and coordination in human beings. Justify the statement.
Question 22
What is significance of putting Tilak on fore head?
Question 23. What is the endocrine control in the ‘fight and flight’ response? Explain.

Long Answer type

Question 24
Give functions of all lobes of brain.
The human brain is a highly complex organ that controls various functions of the body. It is divided into different lobes, each with specific functions and responsibilities.
Frontal Lobe
The frontal lobe is located at the front of the brain and is associated with the following functions:
  • Cognitive Functions: Responsible for higher-level thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and planning.
  • Motor Functions: Controls voluntary movements of specific body parts.
  • Personality and Behavior: Influences personality traits and social behavior.
  • Speech Production: Contains Broca's area, which is essential for speech production and language comprehension.
Parietal Lobe
The parietal lobe is situated behind the frontal lobe and has the following functions:
  • Processes sensory information from various parts of the body, including touch, temperature, and pain.
  • Helps in understanding spatial orientation and the body's position in space.
  • Plays a role in coordinating visual information with hand movements.
Temporal Lobe
The temporal lobe is located on the sides of the brain and is involved in:
  • It Contains the auditory cortex, responsible for processing auditory information.
  • It Plays a crucial role in the formation and retrieval of long-term memories.
  • This is Involved in understanding spoken language.
  • Its Influences emotions and the perception of stimuli.
Occipital Lobe
The occipital lobe is located at the back of the brain and is primarily responsible for:
  • Visual Processing: Contains the primary visual cortex, responsible for interpreting visual information received from the eyes.
  • Visual Perception: Helps in recognizing shapes, colors, and spatial relationships.

Question 25
(a) Why Hypothalamus is known as Thermostat?
(b)Why it is master of master gland?

Question 26
Explain the structure of a brain with the help of a suitable diagram. Give one function each of various parts of brain.

Question 27.
Draw a diagram showing endocrine glands in a male body. Label the following glands on it:
(ii) Thyroid
(iv) Testes
Question 28.
Explain the feedback control mechanism of hormones.
Question 29.
Name the different endocrine glands in the human body. Mention the roles they play in the human body, giving names of the hormones secreted.

Question 30
Write the constituents of central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. State in brief the function of central nervous system.

Question 31
State how concentration of auxin stimulates the ells to grow longer on the side of the shoot which is away from light.
Question 32
Mention three characteristic features of hormonal secretions in human beings.
Question 33
(a) Draw a diagram of human brain. Label on it Cerebrum, Cerebellum.
(b) What is the role of Cerebellum?

Question 34
What is the importance of hypothalamus?
Hypothalamus, a small region situated below the thalamus, is an important region of the brain. It carries out the following important functions:

Question 35
What are the functions of mid brain?
The functions of the mid brain are:
Class 10 Science Control and Coordination Test Paper

Question 36
What is cerebellum? Where is it present? What are its functions?
Cerebellum is a part of the hind brain.

Question 37
What is the importance of medulla oblongata?
Medulla oblongata has the following functions:


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