Control and Coordination Multiple Choice Questions for Class 10 Biology

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Multiple choice questions(SET A)

Question 1.
A human hormone reducing blood flow to the digestive system and skin during stress is
(c)Growth hormone
Question 2.
Hormone associated with gonads
(d)Both (A) and (B)
Question 3.
Name the hormone which controls the basal metabolic rate in animals
Question 4.
_______is responsible for maintaining biological clock of body
Question 5.
Deficiency of ______cause dwarfism
(d)All of these
Question 6.
A person consuming sea food is least likely to develop
(c)Both A and B
(d)Heart Diseases
Question 7.
A patient of diabetes is not producing
Question 8.
Growth hormone is produced by
Question 9.
Which of the following gland is unpaired?
Question 10.
Which of the following is commonly known as ‘birth hormone’?

Multiple choice questions(SET B)

< Question 1.
Olfactory reception is related to sense of
Question 2.
Axon are
(b)Cytoplasmic extension
(c)Part of muscles
(d)All are correct
Question 3.
Receptor for stimulus are present in
(c)Sense organ
(d)Hot objects
Question 4.
CNS consists of
(b)Spinal Cord
(c)Both (i) and (ii)
(d)None of these
Question 5.
The structural and functional unit of nervous system is
Question 6.
One of the following is not a reflex action
(a)Knee Jerk
(d)Eye lid closing
Question 7.
Which among them is a reflex are
(a)Sensory neuron – Motor neuron – Relay neuron
(b)Motor neuron – relay – Motor neuron
(c)Sensory – relay – motor neuron
(d)Relay – Motor –Sensory

Question 8.
While touching a hot plate, a reflex action is seen what is the effect in it
(b)Spinal cord
Question 9.
Body coordination is exhibited by
(a)Nervous system
(b)Endocrine system
(c)Neuro-endocrine system
(d)Blood vascular system
Question 10.
Which of the following is not strictly considered as a part of the neuron?
(c)Nissl bodies
(d)Myelin sheath

Multiple choice questions(Set C)

Question 1
Impulse is generated when
A.Response is over
B.Response is going to be over
C.Stimulus is gained
D.Stimulus is over

Question 2
Which among them is not a voluntary action of body

Question 3
Cranium is related to

Question 4
Name the layer of brain from inside towards the outside
A.Duramater, Arachnoid and Piamater
B.Arachnoid, Duramater and piamater
C.Piamater, Arachnoid and Duramater
D.Arachnoid, Piamater and Duramater

Question 5
Hypothalamus is a part of
A.Fore brain
B.Mid brain
C.Hind brain

Question 6
While writing on a wall, what type of muscle are used

Question 7
Meninges in human beings surround the
B.Spinal cord
C.both brain and spinal cord
D.None of these

Question 8
Memory weakens if one of the following parts is injured

Question 9
Afferent never fibres conduct impulses from
A.CNS to receptor
B.CNS to effector
C.receptor to CNS
D.effector to receptor

Question 10
The centre of sense of smell in the brain is
A.mid brain
B.olfactory lobe

Multiple choice questions(Set D)

Question 1.
Response in plant are regulated by
Question 2.
Animals have specialized protein that helps in movement. Plant show movement due to change in
(a)nature of plasma membrane
(b)amount of water
(c)amount of enzyme
(d)none of these
Question 3.
Movement of pollen tubes towards ovule is an example of
Question 4.
Unlike tropisms, nastic movement are in response to
(c)Non- directional stimuli
(d)Directional stimuli
Question 5.
Roots grow downward as a ________response.
(a)Positive phototropic
(b)Negative phototropic
(c)Negative geotropic
(d)All of these
Question 6.
Ripening of fruits, such as bananas, is hastened by
Question 7.
The bending of shoot tip towards light is known as
Question 8.
Drooping of leaf in Mimosa plant is
(a)due to dependence on growth
(b)movement independent of growth
(c)due to loss of turgidity
(d)Both (B) & (C)
Question 9.
Which plant hormone is also called as growth inhibitor?
(c)abscisic acid
(d)ascorbic acid
Question 10.
Nastic movements
(a)are nondirectional
(b)are directional
(c)may or may not be directional
(d)none of these

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