Class 10 Science Acid base and Salts Practice worksheet

In this page we have Class 10 Science Acid base and Salts Practice worksheet . Hope you like them and do not forget to like , social shar and comment at the end of the page.

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Question 1
Name four gases that can be prepared in the laboratory using dilute H2SO4. Show how they can be prepared?

Question 2
atch the column

Column A

Column B













Question 3
A milkman adds a very small amount of baking soda to fresh milk.
(a) Why does he shift the pH of the fresh milk from 6 to slightly alkaline?
(b) Why does this milk take a long time to set as curd?  

Question 4
Fill in the blanks.
(a) Chemical formula for bleaching powder is ______.
(b) Acids ______ _______ bases to form ________ and water.
(c) The term pH was coined by _______ .
(d) An acidic solution contains _____ _______ ions .
(e)________ ________ is used in softening water.
(f) ______ medicine used to treat indigestion
(g) Calcium Sulphate hemihydrate is popularly known as _____ ___ _____.
(i) ________ are present in aerated drinks

Question 5
atch the column

Column A

Column B

Common Salt


Baking soda


Caustic soda


Washing Soda


Question 6
True and False statement
a) Vinegar contains acetic acid
b) Formic acid is a weak acid
c) Acids gives H+ ion in water
d) Baking soda is used for Softening of hard water
e) pH of a solution can vary from 0-14.
f) Heat is evolved during ionization.
g) NaCl is a base
h) Acids turns blue litmus solution to red

Question 7
Short answer type questions
a) What is lime water?
b) How plaster of paris is formed?
c) What is the pH of our stomach
d) Name a strong base and a weak base.
e) Name a hydrated salt
f) What is a universal indicator? What is its advantage?

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Question 1 Which among the following is not a base?
B) $NH_4OH$
C) $C_2H_5OH$
Question 2 What is the minimum resistance which can be made using five resistors each of 1/2 Ohm?
A) 1/10 Ohm
B) 1/25 ohm
C) 10 ohm
D) 2 ohm
Question 3 Which of the following statement is incorrect? ?
A) For every hormone there is a gene
B) For production of every enzyme there is a gene
C) For every molecule of fat there is a gene
D) For every protein there is a gene

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