simple interest questions for class 7

Practice simple interest questions for class 7. This simple interest Class 7 Quiz check the understanding and concept of the chapter. you can test your knowledge and evaluate yourself.
Practicing such tests would give you added confidence while attempting your exam.

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General Instructions

  1. Your test contains multiple-choice questions with only one answer type questions. There are a total of 20 questions
  2. This is a 30 min test. Please make sure you complete it in stipulated time
  3. You can finish this test any time using the 'Submit' button.


1. What sum will amount Rs6240/- at 10% per annum simple interest in 2 years ?
2. At what rate per annum will Rs5400/- amount to Rs6858/- in 3 years.
3. The simple interest on Rs7150/- at 5% per annum for 8 month?
4. A sum amounts to Rs4680/- in 4 years at 5% per annum then the sum is ?
5. At what rate percent per annum simple interest will be a sum double itself in 8 years ?
6. The simple interest on Rs5640/- at 5% for 3 years ?
7. A sum Rs800/- amount to Rs960/- in 4 years. What will it amount if the rate of interest is increased by 3%?
8. In how much time would the simple interest on a certain sum be 0.25 times the principal at 10% per annum?
9. In what time will Rs8400/- amount to Rs10080/- at 8% per annum?
10. If Rs960/- amounts to Rs1152/- in 2years 6month what will Rs1250/- amount to in 3 years at the same rate percent?
11. find rate of interest when
Principal = Rs7200/- SI = Rs1944/- Time = 3 years
12. Find Final amount when Principal =Rs7200/- Interest = $6 \frac {1}{2}$ % Time = 4 years
13. Radhe taken a loan of Rs7500/- from a bank for 4 years 6month at 10% per annum. What amount he will paid to bank to clear the debt ?
14. A man invested Rs60500/- in a company with interest @9 % per annum for 4 years. After 4 years he invested the total amount in another company for a period of 3 years with 10% per annum. What is the total amount?
15. At what rate percent per annum will Rs5400/- amount Rs6534/- in 3years 6month?
16. At simple interest a sum becomes 8/7 of itself in 2.5 years. The rate of interest per annum is ?
17. What will be final amount when Principal = Rs2500/- Interest =9% Time = 2.5 years
18. A sum money invested at 9% per annum amount Rs14160/- in 2 years. What will it amount to in 3 years at 8% per annum ?
19. A sum of money lent at simple interest amount to Rs783/- in 2 years and Rs837/- in 3 years . Find rate percent per annum?
20. Find the time when Principal = Rs9540/- SI Rs1908/- Rate of interest = 8%


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vasu verma
vasu verma
11 months ago

nice quetions but it was a child play for me
a student of class 7th

10 months ago
Reply to  vasu verma


9 months ago

thank u sm!!!!!

9 months ago

Henlo, thanks a lot this website helped me a lot tbh like i was having a revision test the next day my textbook like i have done every sums and i wanted something new and tada got this! Like wish me all the best 🙂 and ya enjoy here.

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