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Strategies of teaching B.Ed. Notes

This article (Strategies of teaching B.Ed. Notes) is about the brief overview of “Strategies of teaching”. Teaching strategies and their knowledge is very important to a teacher. It can help teacher in effective teaching. Introduction Main focus of teaching is to bring about a desirable change in the behavior of the learner. Teachers meet these objectives using different types of teaching methods , techniques , … Continue reading Strategies of teaching B.Ed. Notes »

CRSU B.Ed.(first year) paper 2017

This page is about CRSU B.Ed.(I’st year) previous year paper 2017. I have papers for all three compulsory papers Paper 1 : Childhood and growing up
Paper 2 : Contemporary India and Education
Paper 3 : Learning and teaching and optional papers
Optional 1 : Pedagogy of Mathematics
Optional 2 : Pedagogy of physical science

Vector Questions

This page contains Vector questions for B.Sc. first year mechanics. You can also practice these questions if you are appearing for any after B.Sc. entrance exams(ex. IIT JAM) for pursuing M.Sc. Question 1 Define direction cosines of a vector. If  , , and , , are the direction cosines of two vectors show that the angle between them is given by . Question 2 If … Continue reading Vector Questions »

Physics Syllabus for IIT JAM – Joint Admission Test

This article contain Physics Syllabus for IIT JAM – Joint Admission Test Mathematical Methods: Calculus of single and multiple variables, partial derivatives, Jacobian, imperfect and perfect differentials, Taylor expansion, Fourier series. Vector algebra, Vector Calculus, Multiple integrals, Divergence theorem, Green’s theorem, Stokes’ theorem. First and linear second order differential equations. Matrices and determinants, Algebra of complex numbers. Mechanics and General Properties of Matter: Newton’s laws … Continue reading Physics Syllabus for IIT JAM – Joint Admission Test »

Introduction to mechanics

So, what is mechanics? Mechanics we can say is an exact science. Again the question is what do I mean by an exact science. When we say that the physics or any branch of it is an exact science by this we mean that , its laws are expressed in the from of mathematical equations which describe and predict the results of precise quantitative measurements.