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Introduction to mechanics

So, what is mechanics? Mechanics we can say is an exact science. Again the question is what do I mean by an exact science. When we say that the physics or any branch of it is an exact science by this we mean that , its laws are expressed in the from of mathematical equations which describe and predict the results of precise quantitative measurements.

Mechanics Berkeley physics course volume 1 Review

This book review is about the book “Mechanics Berkeley physics course volume 1” The Berkeley Physics Course is a series of physics textbooks written mostly by UC Berkeley professors. The series consists of the following five volumes, each of which was originally used over the course of one semester at Berkeley: 1. Mechanics by Charles Kittel, et al.[1] 2. Electricity and Magnetism by Edward M. … Continue reading Mechanics Berkeley physics course volume 1 Review »

Lorentz Transformation

Derivation of Lorentz transformation equations using orthogonal transformations Let us consider two uniformly moving frames of reference where origins coincides at . let the source of light is fixed at unprimed frame of reference and emits a pulse of light. The observer fixed in the unprimed frame of reference will observe a spherical wave-front propagating with the speed of light , whose equation can be … Continue reading Lorentz Transformation »

Recommended Physics books for CSIR-NET/JRF and GATE

Physics books for CSIR-NET/JRF and GATE This is the list of few books recommended for those preparing for net/jrf in physics . It is hard for a person to collect these many books so i would advise you to go through these books while doing your masters in physics and make yourself appropriate notes for further reference and study. Classical mechanics 1. Classical Mechanics by … Continue reading Recommended Physics books for CSIR-NET/JRF and GATE »

Spherical Polar co-ordinates

This article is about Spherical Polar co-ordinates and is aimed for First year physics students and also for those appearing for exams like JAM/GATE etc.
The spherical polar coordinates represent the coordinates of points on the surface of a sphere in a co-variant form. The coordinates of the point P in this system is represented by the radial vector r which is the distance from the origin to the point, the polar or

Information about B.Sc. Physics and B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics

B.Sc. Physics and B.Sc. (Hons.) in Physics (Bachelor of Science in Physics) In this article learn about B.Sc. Physics course. Giving information about this course seems natural as this website is all about providing notes and study material for B.Sc first, second and third year. So here in this article learn about this course and know what you are going to study in this course. … Continue reading Information about B.Sc. Physics and B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics »