Brachistochrone Problem

Question If a particle falls from rest under the influence of gravity from higher to lower point in the minimum time, what is the curve that the particle will follow? Solution Suppose v is the speed of the particle along the curve, then in traversing ds portion of the curve time spent would be

Naturalism in education: Definition, meaning, and principles

This article on Naturalism in education learn about the philosophy of naturalism from an educational point of view. These philosophies are taught in education because education is a multidisciplinary domain of study. Let us now begin by first discussing what is naturalism? Introduction to Naturalism In education Philosophy of naturalism was a revolt against the stereotyped education …

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Teaching Theory

Teaching theory explains, predicts and controls the ways how teacher’s behavior affects the learning among students as defined in Kerlinger’s (1965) statement about the theory of teaching. Teaching plays a central part in the educational process and learning occurs as a result of teaching. It is very important for pupil teachers to understand the nature …

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