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CBSE has relaxed the passing criteria for Class 10 Board

CBSE has relaxed the passing criteria for Class 10 Board for the year 2018. As per the notice, students need to obtains 33% overall in  both internal assessment and board examination to pass the subject.  This is one time measure for this year students only as they were coming from different assessment background while they …

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Work and energy 9th class important questions

Mark short answer questions

1) What is the work done by a force equal to?
2. Name two factors on which kinetic energy depends.
3. What is the commercial unit of energy?
4. Relate 1 kWh with joule.
5. State the law of conservation of energy.
6. Why do we say work done against gravity is negative?
7. What is average power?

CBSE Group Mathematics Olympiad

Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi has been conducting CBSE group Mathematics Olympiad for students studying in its affiliated schools.

a) Student of class XII, XI, X or IX can participate in the competition. However, there will be a common question paper for all participants. Bright students from class VIII may also appear.
b) A school can sponsor maximum five students for the competition.

OLabs for CBSE

Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) has taken new initiative on Online Labs-Virtual Experiments (OLabs), students would now be able to perform science experiments virtually and also many theoretical concepts in sciences in a better manner.

Online Labs for School Experiments (OLabs) is a novel e-Learning project developed by CDAC,Mumbai and Amrita University, Kerala and based on the concept of virtual learning environment.OLabs works on web environment and provides experience in online practical science experiments.

CBSE Call center

CBSE has set up a dedicated Call Centre for handling routine enquiries and grievances pertaining to various activities and functions of the Board. Students presently studying in various CBSE affiliated schools, candidates appearing in private examination, pass out students of CBSE Board, parents, School management, new school seeking CBSE affiliation, awardees of CBSE scholarship schemes, aspirants and applicants for NEET, JEE, CTET, JNVST and general public can approach the CBSE Call Centre for obtaining information of the procedures/rules and regulations of various activities of the Board.

Whats is HOTS(High Order thinking skills)

In Bloom’s taxonomy there are six levels: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Higher order thinking skills are those skills in the top three levels: analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. These three skill levels are important in critical thinking