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CBSE announced New Pattern of Class 12 Maths Paper for 2017 board exam

New Pattern of Class 12 Maths Paper
CBSE has announced New Pattern of Class 12 Maths Paper for 2017 board exam.The new format and sample paper based on this format is available for download in CBSE official website.

Here are the highlight of the changes

  1. CBSE has added two-mark questions in the new format. Earlier, it used to have only one-mark, four-mark and six-mark questions. The two-markers will be worth a total of 16 marks.


2) The new ratio of easy average and difficult will be 20% easy, 60% average and 20% difficult.


3) There will be no overall choice in the question paper. However, 30% internal choices will be given in
4 marks and 6 marks questions.

4) Question paper design has been changed. There will be 29 questions in the paper with increased focus on Understanding questions. The number of  higher-order thinking skills (HOTS) questions has been reduced to 10%.  HOT will be split into two sections of 1 four  marks question and 3 two  marks question

New Pattern of Class 12 Maths Paper

It is expected that with this new format, the pressure on the students will decrease as the new marking scheme will definitely help students to score better marks.

New Format Mathematics Class 12 sample paper provided by CBSE is given below


Mathematics-Class-XII-2016-17 With Marking Scheme
Mathematics-Class-XII-2016-17 With Marking Scheme
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