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Interesting ways on how to study maths

How to tame Mathematics

Mathematics is a important subjects. Some student are good at it but some student find it difficult to break it.
It is also the most scoring subject.So getting good marks in this examination is imperative for the good percentage.
Here I will try to explain few tips to tame the Mathematics

1) There is very less theory in Maths.So we have less reading in it. Maths is learned by doing it.So Whenever you start with any maths chapter,pick up your pen and copy and starting practicing.You should not mug any therom.You show understand the theorem and solve it with paper and pen. If you know the proof of the theorem, you can solve the problems easily.

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Vertical line test for functions and relation

A relation is a function if no pair of the relation has the same first elements. On the graph,two points will lie in the same vertical line if and only if the first coordinate of the two points are same. Therefore if a vertical line intesect the Relation graph at two points then it is not a function. This is called the Vertical line test. If all vertical lines intersect a curve at most once then the curve represents a function

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What is electrostatics in physics?

In this article electrostatics in physics learn about what electrostatics is all about and about its industrial applications. Electrostatics in Physics Electrostatics is the study of electric charges at rest. Coulomb’s Law explains the relationship between two or more electric charges. In electrostatics, we do not concern with the movement of charges. Electrostatics involves electric

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