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NCERT book Solutions class-9 Gravitation (Part 1)

This page contains NCERT book Solutions class -9 Gravitation starting from page 143 at the end of the chapter. I have also been writing the notes for this chapter to learn more about notes you can follow this link and to get the in-text questions solution please follow this link

Question 1

How does the force of gravitation between two objects change when the distance between them is reduced to half ?


According to Universal Law of gravitation , the gravitational force of attrection between any two objects of mass

NCERT book Solutions class-9 Gravitation (In Text Questions)

These are NCERT solutions for class-9 chapter named Gravitation. Questions in this page are those questions that occur in between the texts at the end of each concept.and I have given the page number so you can find them easily in your book.
Page 134
Question 1
State the Universal law gravitation?
According to Universal Law of Gravitation every object in universe attracts every other object with a force known as Gravitational force.
It states that

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Nuclear Fission Basics

Nuclear fission is said to have occurred when nucleus of an atom splits into several small fragments. In nuclear physics nuclear fission either occurs as a nuclear reaction or as a radioactive decay process in which nucleus of an atom splits into smaller and lighter nuclei. The fission process often produces free neutrons and photons (in the form of gamma rays), and releases a very large amount of energy even by the energetic standards of radioactive decay.

Solving physics problems

Lots of time students me how can they solve physics problems and they say that they are having difficulty in solving physics problems. So here I decided to address this issue. Now first of all I would say that do not be afraid of the subject as I say again and again physics to me is most basic of all sciences and you must find the subject interesting and give yourself reasons for studying it for me it was just what I wanted to study till my masters degree and now I like helping students understanding physics.