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Interesting ways on how to study maths

Mathematics is a important subjects. Some student are good at it but some student find it difficult to break it.

It is also the most scoring subject. So getting good marks in this examination is imperative for a good percentage.

how to study maths

Here I will try to explain few tips on how to study maths

(1) There is very little theory in Maths. So we have less reading in it. Maths is learned by doing it. So Whenever you start with any maths chapter, pick up your pen and copy and start practicing.

You should not mug any theorem. You should understand the theorem and solve it with paper and pen. If you know the proof of the theorem, you can solve the problems easily.

(2) Practice Practice Practice. Do a lot of questions in each chapter. Find out the easy ways to do it. . Do all the example problems for each chapter. This will give u good understanding of the chapter

(3) Consistency matters. Give regular time to Maths. Do practice problems consistently. Some student do it once and then forget to revise it and that always results in less score in maths

how to study maths

(4) Do all the maths homework regularly and Do attend all the maths classes. If you don’t understand any things, ask the teacher about it. Do takes notes in the class.

Attend the class with a little bit of Preparation. Preview your syllabus to find out what sections or chapters you are going to cover that day. Scan these sections in your textbook. What theorems, proofs, or methods are demonstrated?

(5) Takes notes on how to solve the question and Do remember the formula. You can also prepare a concept+ formula type notebook for the exam times

how to study maths

(6) Ask for assistance if you don’t understand the problem. The teacher and your buddy would be happy to make you learn the concept and help you in solving the problems. Ask questions in class. You get help and stay actively involved in the class. All students need help at some point, so be sure to get the help you require

(7) Look at your weak chapter and give more time to it. Understand the concept and do lots of questions on that to gain mastery.

(8) Do regularly take Maths tests with full preparation. It will help you understand your progress and your weak areas

(9) Do understand the problem, what is being asked, what is given. Now check what formulas or techniques can be applied to solve it. Apply the technique and solve the problem. Now the last step check the answer if that seems reasonable

(10). Believe in Yourself and Be confident that you can solve the problems

You can take a Maths survey on the below to find out if your maths study methods are good or not good

Maths survey

Action Program on how to study mathematics

(1) Look for the syllabus
(2) Get good books on the Subject
(3) Prepare a time schedule for studying Maths daily
(4) Attend all the maths classes and give full attention
(5) Do homework daily
(6) Do Practice
(7) Clear your doubt from the teacher

If all these goes good, you are well prepared for getting good marks and understanding in Maths

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