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Vernier caliper


Vernier caliper is introduced in 1631 by Pierre Vernier of France.It is instrument for making very accurate linear measurements It utilizes two graduated scales: a main scale similar to that on a ruler and an especially graduated auxiliary scale, the vernier, that slides parallel to the main scale and enables readings to be made to a fraction of a division on the main scale.

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Tips on How to write in Examination for a better score

1)Checkout all your things you required during exam time Pen , Pencil, sketch Pens, rubber , sharper ,each and everything whether it is small or big matters a lot during your exam time

2) Time management is important. Read out all the questions carefully before writing anything on answer sheet and always start your answering from the questions which will carry maximum marks as well as which you think is tougher . Assign appropiate time to the question and justify the marks given to them.

3) Answer sheet should be neat & clean

4) Write the answer in point method. Just brea

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How to solve assertion reason questions

Almost all the examination carries these type of questions.So these questions are important for success for getting good ranks

Assertion – reason type question has these five different cases
1. Both assertion and reason are true, reason is correct explanation of assertion.
2. Both assertion and reason are true but reason is not a correct explain the assertion.
3. Assertion is true but reason is false.
4. Assertion is false but reason is true.
5. Both are false.

These type of questions test only the concepts of the students. A reasonably well-prepared student can answer these questions in a matter of a few seconds.

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