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How to solve Newton’s Law problems

Here on some good points on How to solve Newton’s Law problems

  • Draw a neat diagram of the system.
  • Firstly consider the origin of the forces acting on the each object.To do this find out the field forces acting on the each object.Wherever contact in available account the contact force carefully
  • Isolate the body whose motion is to be analyzed. Draw a free-body diagram for this body. For systems containing more than one objects, draw separate free-body diagrams for each objects This way there will not any confusion about the force acting on each object.Newtons Third law will help in obtaining the action reaction pair. Do not include in the free-body diagram forces exerted by the object on its surroundings. Establish convenient coordinate axes for each objects and find the components of the forces along these axes.
  • Use pseudo force if viewing from the non intertial frame of refrence
  • Apply Newton’s second law, F= ma, in component form.
  • Solve the component equations for the unknowns. Remember that you must have as many independent equations as you have unknowns to obtain acomplete solution.
  • Make sure your results are consistent with the free-body diagram.
  • If the object are attached to each others by the strings,then make use of constraints theory to find out the acceleration equation between the objects

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