CRSU – MDU B.Ed.(Second year) paper 2017

This article is about CRSU – MDU B.Ed.(Second year) paper 2017. I’ll be adding notes to thiese topics in separate articles.

Knowledge and Curriculum (Paper-1)

Knowledge and curriculum B.Ed. Notes
Write short note on the following : 4 X 4 = 16
(a) The concept of Knowledge
(b) Main features of naturalism.
(c) Bases of the curriculum.
(d) Factor affecting curriculum change.

2. What is knowledge and knowing: Describe the sources of knowledge and methods of acquiring
Visit this link for the answer:-
3. Describe the contribution o teachers in assimilation and dissemination of information and
4. Discuss the main features of Idealism: Explain the educational implications of Idealism.
5. Explain concrete and absolute facts of knowledge and relationship.
6. Describe the curriculum process and critical approach to curriculum theory in detail.
7. Write notes on the following:
(i) Curriculum as a product
(ii) Curriculum as process
8. Explain the components required in curriculum development.
9. Write notes on the following :
(i) Discipline Centred Design
(ii) Problem Centred Design

Assessment for Learning (Paper-2)

Q1. Write short note on the following : 4 X 4 = 16
(a) Principal of Assessment
(b) Concept of Rating Scale
(c) Characteristics of Grading System
(d) Mean
2. Define the mean and functions of assessment in Education.
3. Explain the importance of Bloom’s Taxonomy for Instructional objectives and also define the need for revision of Bloom’s taxonomy.
4. What do you mean by observation? Define the steps of observation.
5. Explain Formative Approach of assessment in Detail.
6. What do you mean by Semester System? Explain its advantages and disadvantages in detail.
7. Explain the concept of Question bank and slot eh steps for development of Questions
8. Define the need and importance of statistics in Educational assessment.
9. Explain the following terms :
(a) Percentile
(b) Percentile Rank
(c) Cumulative frequency
(d) Cumulative Percentage

Creating an inclusive school

1. Write short note on the following: 4 X 4 = 16
(a) Understanding Diversities in Schools
(b) PWD Act,1995
(c) Peer Tutoring
(d) Role of NGO’s in Educating Children with Disabilities

2. What is the meant by Inclusive Education? Discuss the concept and need of Inclusive
Education in Indian Education System. 16

3. Trace the transition in the education of children with disabilities from segregation to
inclusion. 16

4. Explain the salient features of National Policy on Disability, 2006 in context of Inclusive Education?

5. Discuss the role of composite Regional Centres (CRC’s) and District Disability Rehabilitation Centres (DDRC’s) for Children Education.

6. Discuss the role of Inclusive School as Facilitator for Inclusive Education.

7. What are the special need of children with disabilities in terms of their learning eexperience and learning style?

8. Discuss some pedagogical strategies of Inclusive Education for classroom learning.

9. Discuss the role of resource teacher in Inclusive Education of children with special needs.

Language across the Curriculum (Paper- 4A)

1. Write short note on the following : 4 X 2 = 8
(a) Relationship between language society
(b) Schema Theory
2. Define Language. What is the importance of Language? Write down the meaning of language Across curriculum and its need in the classroom as language Across Curriculum Approach. 2,4,4,6
3. What do you understand by language? What are the functions of Language in classroom learning? Discuss the respective roles of content subject teachers and language teachers in the Language Across curriculum (LAC) Approach.
4. What is meant by Reading skill? How does art of reading help the learners to learn and
understand? Discuss in detail the linkages between reading and writing in language learning and

5. What is writing skill? What is the importance of art of writing in learning a language? Describe
how curiosity of writing be developed in the children.

Understanding Disciplines and Subjects (Paper- 4B)

1. Write short note on the following : 4 X 2 = 8
(a) Role of disciplinary knowledge
(b) Difference between curriculum and syllabus
2. Explain the main concept of Academic Discipline and their main features in detail. 16
3. What do you understand by multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary? Explain in detail. 16
4. Education as a socially contrive system – explain it. Describe in detail the different factors
affecting it. 16
5. Monitoring and evaluation are helpful in the development of School. Elaborate it.

Gender School and Society Paper: V(A)

1. Write short note on the following : 4 X 2 = 8
(a) Equity and equality
(b) Impact of school on children.
2. Throw a light on historical background of gender issues and also discuss about some landmark social reform movement which show gender biasness.
3. What is gender stereotyping? What are the gender differences prevalent in society? How does socialization practices in family help in uplift men of society?
4. Throw a light on statement ‘Teacher as an agent of change’ and ‘School as house of culture’. Discuss in detail the impact of teacher and school culture on children.
5. Explain in detail the interface between the home, community, and school.

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