Test Series-10


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1.which of these quantities are scalar ?
  • Dipole moment
  • Electric Potential
  • Electric Field
  • None of the above

2.what is the following is true?
  • The workdone by the electric field of nucleaus in moving an electron around it in a complelte orbit is zero irrespective of whether the orbit is circular or eliptical
  • A single conductor cannnot have any capicitance
  • Electrons move from a region of higher potential to lower potential
  • None of these

3.A electric charge q is placed inside a cavity of a spherical conductor. which of the following is false? The bullet
  • Electric field inside the cavity will be zero
  • electric field inside the conductor material will be zero
  • A negative charge q will be induced on the inner surface of the cavity and positive charge will be induced on the outer surface of the conductor
  • None of these

4..which of the following is true for Gauss's Law
  • The charges outside the closed surface does not contribute to the total flux on the closed surface. The charges inside do all the contribution
  • The electric Field vector in the Guass law surface integral is the electric field due to inside charges
  • The position of charges inside the surface makes difference to Guass law surface integral
  • None of these

5.The unit of electrical permittivity is
  • C2N-1m0
  • C2N0m-2
  • C2N-1m-2
  • C2N-2m-1

6. Which of the following statements are true
  • When a capacitor is connected to battery ,a current flows in the circuit for some time and then decreases to zero
  • When a capacitor is connected to battery ,a current first increase and then become constant
  • An alternating currents flows in the circuit
  • none of the above

7. which of the following is incorrect ?
  • Electric field lines indicates the direction of the electric field ,The field point in the direction tangent to field lines at any point
  • Electric field is proportional to the number of lines crossing unit area perpendicular to the lines
  • Electric field lines start at positive charge and end at negative charge
  • Electric field lines intersect with each other

8. Four statment are made about the dipole br> STATEMENT -1: An electric dipole placed in a non uniform electric field will experience both torque and force
STATEMENT -2: An electric dipole placed in a uniform electric field will experience no force and torque will depend on the axis of the dipole
STATEMENT -3: The unit of dipole moment is Cm
STATEMENT -4: The electric potential at a point on the equatorial line of a dipole is zero
which one of the following is correct
  • All the statement are correct
  • Statement 1,2 and 4 are correct
  • Statement 1,2 and 3 are correct
  • Statement 2,3 and 4 are correct

9.A charge q is at the origin ,which of the following statement is true
  • Flux of charge passing through a sphere with center at x=R at radii r< R will not be zero
  • The flux of a cude of side a enclosing the charge will not be same as the sphere of radii a enclosing the charge
  • The flux passing through concentric sphere of Radii r and R r> R with center as origin will be same
  • None of these

10.Which of the following is correct expression for Electrical Potential energy
  • qV
  • qE
  • qVd
  • None of these

11. STATEMENT A: The energy stored in any electric field E has Energy/Volume equals to (1/2)ε0E2 STATEMENT B:An charged capacitor stores an amount electric energy given by (1/2)CV2
  • A and B both are correct
  • Only A is correct
  • Only B is correct
  • Both A and B are wrong

12. Choose the incorrect one
  • A parallel plate capacitor is charged and then disconnected from battery. The plates of the capacitor are pulled apart so as to make the distance double between the plates.The energy stored in Capaccitor will be increased
  • A airfilled capacitor is charged and then disconnected from battey.If now a dielectric is inserted between the plates,then Potential difference will decrease between the plates
  • Capacitance does not depend on Q and V,it depends on the shape,size ,relative poistion of plates and also on the material which seperates them
  • None of the above

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