Test Series-22


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1.which of the following is not correct about electrical circuit
  • Ammeter is connected with series
  • Voltmeter is connected in parallel
  • electric current is the flow of electrons in the metal wire
  • None of these

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You are given three resistances of 2,4 and 6 ohm.
2) What will be the equivalent resistance if they are connected in series
  • 6 ohm
  • 1.2 ohm
  • 12 ohm
  • 2 ohm

3. What will be the equivalent resistance if they are connected in parallel ?
  • 5 ohm
  • 1.2 ohm
  • 12 ohm
  • none of these

4.what should be arrangement of the three resistors to get 5 ohm as equivalent resistance?
  • 2,4,6 are in parallel
  • 2 and 4 ohm resistor in parallel with 6 ohm in series
  • 2 and 6 ohm resistor in parallel with 4 ohm in series
  • 4 and 6 ohm resistor in parallel with 2 ohm in series

5.How many electrons should pass through the conductor in 1 sec to constitute 2 Ampere current? Given : Charge on electron=1.6X10-19 coulombs
  • 13XX1018
  • 4.5XX1018
  • 6.25X1018
  • 12.5X1018

6. The resistivity of a substance does not depend upon?
  • Length or thickness of the material
  • Nature of the material
  • temperature of the material
  • None of these

7. A electric heater is rated at 200V-400W. What is the resistance of the heater
  • 200ohm
  • 100 ohm
  • 400 ohm
  • 50 ohm

8. There are two statements A Formula fpr Power is P=VI B Formula fpr Power is P=I2R Which one of the following is correct?
  • A only
  • B only
  • Both A and B are correct
  • Both A and B are wrong

9.A potential difference of 100 Volt is applied across a resistor of resistance 10 ohm. Find the heat energy produced in 10 sec?
  • 10kJ
  • 500J
  • 1000J
  • none of these

10.How many joules are there in one kilowatt-hour?
  • 3.6X106 J
  • 1.6X106 J
  • 3.6X104 J
  • None of these

11. What is the power of an electric lamp, if it draws 20 A current when connected to 220 V line? ?
  • 110Watt
  • 240watt
  • 4400Watt
  • none of thes

12. A wire whose length L and area of crossection A has R resistance. If the length of a wire is doubled, and its cross section is also doubled, then what will be its resistance? ?
  • R
  • 2R
  • R/2
  • 4R

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