Test Series-05


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1.Which of the following is not true?
  • 100 and 80 are suplimentary pair of angles
  • Angles forming a linear pair are complementary
  • 30 and 60 are complementary pair of angles
  • 75 and 105 are ssuplimentary pair of angles

2) Angles of the triangles are in the ratio 2:4:3. The greatest angle in the triangle is
  • 80
  • 40
  • 110
  • 90

3. A transversal intersect the two parallel lines,The sum of the two interior angles on any side of the transversal is?
  • 90
  • 120
  • 180
  • None of these

4. When a transversal intersect two parallel lines ,which of the following is false?
  • Corresponding angles are equal
  • alternate interior angles are equal
  • Each pair of consecutive interior angles are supplementary
  • None of these

5. Which one of these is false?
  • In a linear pair,if one angle is acute ,other will be obtuse
  • The sum of the angles of the triangle is 1800
  • Angles forming a linear pair are supplementary
  • None of these

6. When two lines intersect each other ,which one of the following is true
  • Vertically opposite angles are equal
  • adjcacent angles are complementary
  • Vertically opposite angles are supplementary
  • None of these

7. Which of these are true
  • Two angles x and y are adjacent, The sum x+y will always be 180
  • Sum of all the interior angles of the polygon is (n-2)180
  • The exterior angle in a triangle is equal to 180 - ( sum of two opposite interior angles)
  • None of these

8. Two lines intersect each other,The two pair of verically opposite angles are 54 and x respectively . What is the value of x ?
  • 54
  • 36
  • 126
  • none of these

9. Which of these is true
  • A triangle can have all angles less than 600
  • When a transversal intersect two lines,The two lines will be parallel if the sum of interior angle on any side of transversal equals to 180
  • A triangle can have two obtuse angles
  • None of these
    10.two statement Statement A: Angle between 180 and 360 are called reflex angles Statement B: Angle between 90 and 180 are called acute angle
    • A is correct only
    • B is correct only
    • A and B both are correct
    • A and B both are incorrect

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