Test Series-35


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1.Momentum of the objects tells us about?

    object mass.
    object velocity
    how difficult it to stop it
    object weight

2) which of these statement is not true?

    Momentun is product of mass and velocity
    If a net force acts on the systems,it momentum will change
   A heavy object will always have higher momentum than lighter object
   Impulse is the product of Force and time applied

3.Which one of the following equations is not dimensionally correct? Following things are given
v => is a speed (L/T)
a => is an acceleration (L/T2)
x => is a distance (L)
t => is a time (T)
M => is a Mass (M)
F => is a force (ML/T2)
p => is a momentum ( ML/T)

   none of these

4. A bomb that is stationary sitting at the orgin on the xyz plane explodes into pieces of different sizes and shapes. ?

    After the explosion the momentum of all the pieces, exhaust and smoke add up to zero.
    After the explosion the momentum of all the pieces, exhaust and smoke add up to non zero
    Total momentum is increased an energy is released by the explosion
    none of the above

5. A 5 g rubber ball and a 5 g clay ball are thrown at a wall with equal speeds.
The rubber ball bounces, the clay ball sticks. Which ball exerts a larger impulse on the wall?

   They exert equal impulses because they have equal momenta
   The clay ball exerts a larger impulse because it sticks
   The rubber ball exerts a larger impulse because it bounces.
   Neither exerts an impulse on the wall because the wall doesn’t move

6.A small car had a headon collison with bigger truck. The impulse exerted by the truck on car
   is less than impulse exerted by car on truck
   is equal to impulse exerted by car on truck
   is greater to impulse exerted by car on truck
   Insufficent information

7.An open truck rolls along a frictionless track while it is raining. As it rolls, what happens to the speed of the
truck as the rain collects in it? (assume that the rain falls vertically into the box) ?

    it increase
    it decrease
    remains same
    Insufficent information

8.Which of these is false?

    Momemtum is conserved in elastic collision only not in inelastic collision
   When net force on the system is zero, Total momentum of the system remains conserved
   When two objects collides and completely bounce back with no deformation and no generation of heat,the collision is said to be elastic
   None of the above

9.Robert (120 kg) and Bill (60 kg) are standing on slippery ice and push off each other.
If Bill slides at 6 m/s, what speed does Robert have have?

   12 m/s
   6 m/s
   8 m/s
   3 m/s

10.Two boxes P and Q, having mass m1 and m2 ( m1 > m2) are initially at rest on a horizontal frictionless surface. The same constant force F acts on each one for exactly 5 second. Which box has more momentum after the force acts ??
    Both have same momentum
    insufficent information

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