Test Series-12


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1.A parachutist after bailing out falls 50 m with out friction. When parachute opens ,it decelerates at 2m/s2. He reaches the ground with a speed of 3m/s. At what height ,did he bail out?
  • 293m
  • 213m
  • 200m
  • 111m

2. The timeperiod of a earth satellite in circular orbit is dependent of
  • Radius of the orbit
  • Mass of the satellite
  • Both the mass and radius
  • Neither mass nor radius

3. A surface S enclosed a electric charge q. Let F be the electric flux passing through it.The flux will be maximum if the surface S is like
  • Cube
  • Spherical
  • cylinderical
  • Same in all the three

4..If suddenly the gravitational force of attraction between earth and a satellite revolving around it becomes zero,then the satellite will?
  • Move towards earth
  • Becomes stationary in the orbit
  • continue to move in the orbit with same velocity
  • Move tangentially to the orginal orbit with same velocity

5.M capcitors of same capicitance C are connected in parallel to the voltage source V.The total energy stored in the capacitor will be?
  • CV
  • CV2
  • .5mCV2
  • .5CV2/m

6. A Alpha nucleus of energy .5mv2 bombards a heavy nuclear target of charge Ze. Then the distance of closest approach for the alpha nucleus will be proportional to
  • 1/Ze
  • 1/m
  • v2
  • 1/v4

7. A projectile has been fired with speed 10m/s making an angle of 300 with the horizontal. Find the angle made by velocity vector of projectile with ground after 2sec of its firing? Take g=10m/s2
  • 450
  • 600
  • Cant say anything
  • None of the above

8. The ratio of the concentration of electrons to that of holes in a semiconductor is 7/5 and the ratio of currents is 7/4. Find the ratio of the drift velocities of electron and holes
  • 5/4
  • 4/5
  • 3/4
  • 4/7

9.What is the timetaken to heat one litre of water from 100 C to 400 C by a heater of 836 W
  • 40s
  • 80s
  • 200s
  • 150s

10.The acceleration of a particle is increasing with time ,then the v-t curve would be like
  • concave Up
  • concave down
  • straight line
  • None of these

11. A solid sphere of radius R,made up of a material of bulk modulus K is surrounded by a liquid in a cylinderical container. A massless piston of area A floats on the surface of the liquid.When a mass M is placed on the piston to compress the liquid,the fractional change in the radius of the sphere is
  • Mg/2AK
  • 3Mg/AK
  • Mg/3AK
  • Mg/AK

12. A thin ring is rotating abouts its own axis .If the density of the ring is 11300 Kg/m3,then the maximum permissible linear speed of the ring is
  • 60m/s
  • 40m/s
  • 44.6m/s
  • 42m/s
13. if the hollow bob of a simple pendulum be filled with mercury that drains out slowly,its time period
  • increases continously
  • decreases continously
  • remains same
  • first increases and then decreases
14. Gases begin to conduct electricity at low pressure becuase
  • atoms break up into electrons and proton's
  • at low pressure gases turn into plasma
  • the electrons in atoms can move freely at low pressure
  • colliding electrons can acquire higher kinetic energy due to increased mean free path leading to ionisation of atoms
14. An LCR series circuit is connected to a source of AC voltage.At resonance ,the phase difference between the applied voltage and current in the circuit is
  • 180
  • 45
  • 90
  • 0

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