Test Series-21


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1.Action and reaction are equal and opposite and they act on:?
  • Same body
  • different bodies
  • None of these

Link Type comphrehension( Q2-Q4)
An object of mass 200kg is accelerated uniformly from a velocity of 4m/s to 8m/s in 2 seconds.
2) What is the formula for Impulse
  • Impulse=change in Momentum
  • Impluse=Force exerted
  • Impulse=mass X velocity
  • None of these

3. What is the final momentum of the object?
  • 400 kgm/s
  • 800kgm/s
  • 1600 kgm/s
  • none of these

4.find the magnitude of the force exerted on the object?
  • 800N
  • 100N
  • 200N
  • 400 N

5.Which one of these is not vector quantity?
  • Impulse
  • Momentun
  • Force
  • None of these

6. A force of 50 N acts on a mass of 500g resting on a frictionless surface. What is the acceleration produced??
  • 5 m/s2
  • 25 m/s2
  • 100 m/s2
  • 10 m/s2

7. A object of mass 5 g is pushed on a table. The object starts moving at a speed of 15 m/s and stops in 5 seconds. Find the force of friction exerted by the table on the object.?
  • .01N
  • .012N
  • .115N
  • .015N

8. There are two statements A Rate of change of momentum corresponds to force B Rate of change of momentum corresponds to Kinetic Energy Which one of the following is correct?
  • A only
  • B only
  • Both A and B are correct
  • Both A and B are wrong

9.which one of these is not a correct formula?
  • Force=ma2
  • Impulse=change in momentum
  • Force=ma
  • P(momemtum)=mv

10.The inertia of an object tends to cause the object?
  • to decelerate due to friction
  • to resist any change in its state of motion
  • to increase the speed
  • None of these

11. The change in momentum of a body in 0.02 sec is 10kg m/s. Find the force acting on this body?
  • 5000N
  • 10N
  • 1000N
  • 500N

12. A truck of mass 100 kg starts at rest and moves in a straight road with constant accleration 5m/s2 .What is the momentum after 5 sec?
  • 2500Kgm/
  • 250kgm/s
  • 500kgm/s
  • none of these