Test Series-24


  • Your test contains 10 multiple choice questions with only one answer
  • This is 10 min test.Please make sure you complete it in stipulated time
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  • Once finished you get a chance to review all question with correct answers and their solutions.

1.which is of these is not a vector quantity?
  • Velocity
  • Work
  • Force
  • Displacement

2) which of these operations are valid in vectors
  • Addition of two vector
  • Addition of vector with scalar
  • A vector quantity in the denominator of the expression
  • None of these

3. A and B are vector quantities .Which of these will not be vector quantity?
  • A + B
  • A-B
  • AXB
  • A.B

4.Which is of these is correct?
  • A + B= B +A
  • A - B= B -A
  • None of these

5. Vector X and Y are given as X=i+j+k Y=i-j-k Which of these are not true?
  • X X Y = 0
  • X.Y=-1
  • 2X=2i+2j+2k
  • None of these

6. which of these are correct operations for vector?
  • Substraction of vectors
  • multiplying or dividing a vector by a scalar
  • taking derivative of the vector
  • All of the above

7. Is vector i+j+k a unit vector?
  • True
  • false

8. A and B are vector quantities .Which of these will be correct equation?
  • d/dt( A.B) = A.dB/dt + dA/dt .B
  • d/dt( AXB) = AXdB/dt + dA/dt X B
  • A.A=|A|2
  • All the above

9. Three Vectors A,B and C are such that A=B X C Which of these may not be true
  • A is at right angle to B
  • A is at right angle to C
  • B is at right angle to C
  • none of these

10.The two vectors X and Y are of same length 5 units each. What is the range for the length of addition of these two vectors?
  • (0,10)
  • (0,5)
  • None of these

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