Test Series-28


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1.1 light year is equivalent to ?
  • 9.46X1012 km
  • 3X108 km
  • 6.12X1012 km
  • None of these

2) which of these is true for Milky way galaxy
  • The stars in the milkyway are rotating about its center
  • Solar system is part of this galaxy
  • it is spiral shape galaxy
  • All the above

3. The stars forming a group that has a recognizable shape is called?
  • Galaxy
  • constellations
  • pole star
  • None of the above

4.The mass of the star X is 100 times greater than mass of star Y. The mass of star Y is nearly equal to Sun .Which of the two star will end as supernova?
  • Y only
  • X only
  • Both will not
  • Both will

5. which of these are not true?
  • asteroids are the rocks pieces that revolve around the sun between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.
  • Halley’s comet visits the earth after 76 years
  • Planet saturn as the maximun no of satellites
  • None of these

6. which is the coldest planet in solar system?
  • venus
  • mercury
  • pluto
  • mars

7. There are two pair of galaxies X & Y and A & B. The distance between the galaxies in the pair is higher in A & B. Which of these two pair,the members will be moving away from each other with higher speed ?
  • A & B
  • X & Y
  • Same for both
  • None of these

8. What does PSLV stands for ?
  • primary satellite launch vehicle
  • Polar satellite launch vehicle

9. which of these is not constellation?
  • Orion
  • Ursa major
  • Tauras
  • Sirius

10.two statement Statement A: Remote sensing satellites are placed in sun synchronous orbits around the earth Statement B: Satellite communication are mainly done through geostationary satellites
  • A is correct only
  • B is correct only
  • A and B both are correct
  • A and B both are incorrect

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