Test Series-11


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1.In a quadilateral angles are in the ratio is 2:3:6:7, what is the measure for highest angle?

2) One of the adjacent angles in the parallelogram is 750, the other one is ?
   None of these

3. In a rectangles ,which one is not true?
    All the angles are equal
    Diagonal bisect each other
    Diagonal are not equal
   Opposite sides are equal

4. In a rhombus which one of these is true?

   Diagonal are equal
    Diagonal bisect each other at right angles
    All the angles are equal
    None of these

5. Which of these is false:?
   The line segment joining the mid points of the two sides of the triangle is parallel to the third side
   A line drawn through mid point of one side of a triangle and parallel to another side bisect the third side of the triangle
   all the angles in the quadilateral can be acute
   None of these

6. The three angles of a quadrilateral are 76, 54 and 108. Find the measure fourth angle
   Insuffucient data

7. ABCD is a quadilateral.Which of these are true?
    It has four sides
    it has two diagonal
    Sum of all the angles is 3600
    All the above

8. Diagonal of the parallelogram PQRS intersect at O. The angle QOR is 900 and angle QSR is 400.What is the measure of the angle OPQ?
   60 0

9. In a rectangles ABCD, Diagonal intersect at O,Which of these is true?
   Triangle OAB is congruent to triangle OCD
   Triangle OAD is congruent to triangle OBC
    All the angles are 900
   All the above

10.A quadilateral EFGH has angles taken in order in the ratio 3:7:6:4, EFGH is

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