Test Series-34


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1.A car acclerates on the road. Viewed from outside the car,what is the force that accelerates it?

    the wheel are pushing the car.
    Engine is pulling it forward
    Gravitational force
    The road pushes the car forward

2) A person is attracted toward the earth by the force F, The force with which person attract the earth is ?

    slighting greater than F
    slighting lower than F
   very very small

3.Which one of the following equations is dimensionally correct? Following things are given
v => is a speed (L/T)
a => is an acceleration (L/T2)
x => is a distance (L)
t => is a time (T)
M => is a Mass (M)
F => is a force (ML/T2)
p => is a momentum ( ML/T)


4. A truck is traveling over the crest of a small semi-circular hill of Diameter D = 1600 m. How fast would it have to be traveling for it to leave the ground?
Take g=10m/s2
    85.46 m/s
    89.45 m/s
    none of these

5. A carpenter hits a nail with a hammer.which of the following is true for collision between nail and hammer?
   There is a force on hammer only
   There is force on hammer and nail both
   There is force on nail only
   Insufficent information

6.A small car had a headon collison with bigger truck. Which will have maximum change in velocity
   Both same
   Insufficent information

7.Two hotwheels toy cars A and B are released simultaneously on an inclined plane which is at an angle of 40° to the horizontal. A has a mass of m kg and the B a mass of 2m kg. We assumed that friction and air drag are absent. which statement best describes the magnitudes of their accelerations after being released.?
    Both hot wheels cars accelerate at a rate of gsin500
    Both hot wheels cars accelerate at a rate of gcos400    Car B acceleration is 8 times greater than the car A
    None of the above

8.A plane traveling horizontally to the right at 100 m/s flies past a helicopter that is going straight up at 20 m/s.
From the helicopter’s perspective, the plane’s direction and speed are?

    Right and down, 100 m/s
   Right and down, more than 100 m/s
   Right and down, less than 100 m/s
   none of these

9.Two ball A and B are at the same height . Ball A is dropped while ball B is fired horizontally at same time. Which statement does not the describe the motion?
   The ball B has a larger net velocity when it hits the ground
   Both ball A and B hit the ground at the same time
   The ball B has greater vertical velocity than A when it hits the ground
    The ball A is having null horizontal velocity

10.An astronaut on planet A kicks a bowling ball and hurts his foot.A year later, the same astronaut kicks a bowling ball on the planet B with the same force. It is given gravitional pull of planet A is more than planet B?
    His foot will be hurted as same on planet B as planet A
    His foot will be hurted less on planet B as planet A
    His foot will be hurted greater on planet B as planet A
    insufficent information

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