Class 10 Acid base and Salts Important questions-1

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One Marks Questions

  • What is a neutralization reaction?
  • What will be the products of the following reaction?
    HCI + NaOH
  • pH stands for the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration. True or false
  • Name two indicators which are widely used in laboratories.
  • What is brine?
  • A solution turns red litmus blue. Is the solution acid or a base?
  • What happens to the temperature of water when few drops of concentrated sulphuric acid is added to it?
  • Which compound of sodium is used for softening of hard water?
  • Does distilled water conduct electricity?
  • What are olfactory indicators? Give an example.
  • What is the chemical formula for baking soda
  • What is the organic acid present in tomato?

Two Marks Questions

  • What are indicators?
  • What would happen if a small amount of copper oxide is taken in a beaker and dilute HCI is added to it?
  • What is the 'pH' of pure water and that of rain water? Elaborate it
  • How does plaster of Paris reacts with water? Write down the chemical equation?
  • What is dilute? Why care must be taken while mixing concentrated nitric acid or sulphuric acid with water?
  • On which factors does the strength of an acid or a base depend? Explain.
  • Name the common acid-base indicators used in the laboratory with their color change.

Four Marks Questions

  •  Explain the following by giving examples:
  1. How metal oxides react with acids?
  2. How non- metal oxides react with base?
  • Explain the term   with examples
  1. a)  Acid Salt
  2. b) Normal Salt
  3. c) Basic salt
  4. d) Double salt
  5. e) Mixed salt
  • Why does acidic solution conduct electricity?

  • (b)Can basic solution conduct electricity?

    (c)Can separation of H+ ions in acids take place when HCI is added to a non- aqueous solution?
  • While diluting an acid, why is it recommended that the acid should be added to water and not water to the acid?

Five Marks Questions
  • (a)What is pH scale and what’s its range? How is it related to hydronium ion concentration?
    (b)Explain any two roles played by pH levels of various chemicals in living organisms.

  • Plaster of Paris should be stored in a moisture-proof container. Explain why?

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