Garbage in,Garbage out Extra Questions

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Question 1
Which kind of garbage is not converted into compost by the redworms?

Question 2
List the various steps practiced in waste management?

Question 3
What type of garbage is collected in green bins?

Question 4
Paheli did wonder as to what could be useful garbage? Is there some garbage that is not actually garbage?

Question 5
How redworms grind the food?

Question 6
What is waste?

Long answer type question

Question 7
Do you think it is better to use compost instead of chemical fertilizers? Why?

Question 8
a. What is vermicomposting?
b. How is vermicompost useful as compared to chemical fertilizer?
c. Why should we not use wastes that may contain salt, pickles, oil, vinegar and milk preparations as food for redworms in vermicomposting pit?

Question 9
a. Is garbage disposal the responsibility only of the government?
b. Is it possible to reduce the problems relating to disposal of garbage?

Question 10
In how many groups we can group the garbage of our house?

Question 12
a. What do you do with the left-over food at home?
b. If you and your friends are given the choice of eating in a plastic plate or a banana leaf platter at a party, which one would you prefer and why?

Question 13
What can we do to minimise garbage generation? ‘

Short answer type questions.

Question 14
Define land fill

Question 15
How many types of bins are provided by the government for collecting garbage?

Question 16
What can we do to minimize overuse of plastics?

Question 17
Why earthworms are called farmer’s friends?

Question 18
Why plastic is not suitable for storing cooked food?

Question 19
What are the various methods of garbage disposal? Describe the landfill method.

Question 20
We should not burn or heat plastics, why?

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